How to Apply & Tips for Best Scholarships in Australia for Filipino Students


Australia has many schools that provide financial aid to foreign students. Also, you can benefit from scholarships offered by the government. In either case, they frequently change their guidelines, so it’s best to do your study or ask knowledgeable education counsellors for advice on which scholarship is right for you to study abroad.

Australian study abroad consultants have the potential to change your life. You’ll have the chance to get a top-notch education, live comfortably, and, if you like, find employment after graduation. Nonetheless, the cost of attending school in Australia as an overseas student is high. The cost of tuition alone is high. The annual tuition fees for undergraduate degrees can range between AU$ 20,000 to AU$ 45,000, while the tuition for postgraduate students is between AU$ 22,000 and AU$ 50,000, not to mention the living expenses you’ll need to budget for while considering studying in Australia. Together with these shared characteristics, both the Australian government and colleges frequently give scholarships in Australia to Filipino students who want to study there. These include, among others:

Scholarships in Australia for Filipino Students:

● Australia’s Award Scholarships

Students from the Indo-Pacific region can pursue graduate or postgraduate studies at an Australian university thanks to Australian Awards Scholarships. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living costs, travel costs, establishment allowance, and OSHC (Overseas Students Health Insurance) charges. The Australian government also gives scholarships to fortify relations with its allies, particularly those in the Indo-Pacific area.

International undergraduate and graduate students attending Australian universities & Technological and Further Education (TAFE) institutes can apply for Australian award scholarships with the help of a reputable study abroad agency in the Philippines. This agency can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the application process, including information on eligibility requirements, deadlines, and required documents.

The benefits provided by Australian award scholarships are extensive, and can help scholarship recipients complete their studies with ease. These benefits may include complete tuition reimbursement, return air trip reimbursement, one-time living expense reimbursement, Overseas Student Health Insurance, and more. By working with a trusted study abroad agency philippines, students can ensure that they are fully informed of all the benefits available to them and can take full advantage of them.

● Awards for Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships

Such international students can use this scholarship for studying abroad to get financial aid as they pursue a postgraduate degree or a PhD through coursework or research. In addition to a regular paycheck and health & travel insurance, it also provides travel and establishment expenses.

● Scholarships for International Research at the University of Sydney

Those qualified to enrol in the University of Sydney’s Master by Research programme or Postgraduate Research Degree are invited by the university. The scholarship covers up to three years’ worth of living expenses and tuition.

● International Scholarships at Macquarie University

The scholarship pays the tuition costs for foreign students who wish to enrol in a Macquarie University undergraduate or graduate programme. Applicants must satisfy the university’s academic and English requirements to be eligible for the scholarship.

● Research Scholarships in Melbourne

One of the most well-known scholarships in Australia for Filipino students is the Melbourne Research Scholarship, which is given by the University of Melbourne, one of the best universities in the country. It is awarded to exceptionally talented overseas research students. The scholarship offers benefits such as paid sick leave, living expenses, parental and maternity leave, fee waivers, and OSHC.

● Australia-focused scholarships

The Commonwealth government offers Destination Australia Scholarships to assist overseas students who live and study in Australia. Each student receives AU$ 15,000 per year to help them live and study in Australia. However, not all courses or localities are eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarships. Visit your Destination Australia Scholarship webpage to see if you qualify before submitting your application.

Guidelines For A Filipino student looking for scholarships in Australia

Here are some guidelines and actions to take if you are a Filipino student looking for scholarships to study in Australia:

● Explore available scholarships: Look into the scholarships that are offered to Filipino students. Australia has several public and commercial institutions that provide financial aid to foreign students. The Australia Awards Scholarship, Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship, and International Postgraduate Research Scholarship are some of the well-known ones. Also, you might look for scholarships relevant to your area of study.

● Read the application specifications thoroughly.: For each scholarship you apply for, there is specific documentation you must submit. Hence, it’s crucial to read the page detailing the application requirements for each scholarship for studying abroad. To assist you in keeping records of your preparation, create a list of them. Typical specifications for scholarship applications include:

  1. Personal data about you
  2. An essay for a scholarship or a statement of purpose
  3. Evidence of your academic achievement
  4. Consistent test results (such as TOEFL, GRE, etc.)
  5. Recommendation letter

● Ensure your eligibility: Checking your eligibility is another crucial step while applying for scholarships for study in Australia or other foreign countries. Some applicants from specific backgrounds are only eligible to apply for certain scholarships. Once you’ve decided on the scholarships you’re interested in, make sure you fulfil every criterion by reviewing the eligibility requirements. You might need to meet specific academic success criteria or English language ability to qualify for some scholarships.

● Apply before the cutoff date: Be sure to submit your application by the deadline. Being on time is highly valued, and applying for scholarships is no exception.

● Get your supporting materials together: Most scholarships need you to submit your personal statement, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Make sure this paperwork is prepared and ready to go well in advance.

● Set up a unique email address just for scholarship applications: You are less likely to overlook crucial emails first from scholarship providers if you have a single email address specifically for scholarship applications. This may facilitate a smoother application process.

● Online applications are the norm for scholarships: You must register for a user account on the scholarship website for studying abroad provider before submitting your application and all required materials.

● Others: When drafting your personal statement, be sure to draw attention to your accomplishments and strengths. You can demonstrate why you are the most qualified applicant for the award.

● Follow up: As soon as you’ve submitted your application, contact the scholarship giver to ensure they’ve received it and that all the required paperwork is in place.

Tips For Students Who Want to Apply For Scholarships

Here are some tips for studying scholarships for students

● Begin the application process early: If you begin your scholarship application sooner, you will have additional time to gather the necessary materials and be less likely to become anxious as the deadline approaches. You are more likely to make application mistakes if you start late and become anxious. Thus, don’t put off starting your application until the last minute.

● Prioritize quality over quantity: Instead of applying for each and every scholarship you come across, concentrate on a select number that you are qualified for and make an effort to submit a strong application.

● Network: Make contacts with Australian-born graduates, professors, and other experts in your industry. They might be able to offer insightful opinions and suggestions.

● Don’t wait for scholarship chances to come to you: Take the initiative instead. Speak with scholarship providers and enquire about options.


In conclusion, applying for scholarships in Australia for Filipino students might be a terrific opportunity to pursue your educational objectives and realize your aspirations.

Investigating potential scholarships, confirming your eligibility, and submitting a compelling application showcasing your academic success, character traits, and career goals are critical. You can improve your chances of getting a scholarship and starting an exciting academic experience in Australia by working hard and being committed.


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