How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement


Did you know that almost 1.25 billion people use Instagram every month?

Regardless of whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a business owner, it’s essential to be on Instagram if you want to build engagement. The problem that people often face is that they don’t know what they need to do to get more followers. Even though there is no shortcut for doing this, there are several tips and tricks to make use of.

To help you increase your Instagram engagement, we’ve written a guide. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

How Do You Measure Your Engagement Rate on Instagram?

It’s important to track your engagement rate on social media platforms like Instagram to know how much attention your social media channels are getting and how many followers you are gaining.

It’s possible to track this by calculating what percentage of people who view your social media content actually end up engaging with it. People use various kinds of methods for monitoring engagement. This includes looking at the number of impressions, how many people read your posts, and how many followers you gain.

Since most people’s top priority is to get more likes on Instagram, it’s common for influencers and businesses to buy likes. Not many people realize that it’s actually possible to get Instagram likes for free by using services such as Like4Like.

How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

Different people will tell you different things about what it takes to boost your Instagram engagement.

Here are some of the most effective strategies you can start making use of today if you want to get more followers.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Audience

It is challenging to make compelling content if you’re unsure who you are creating for. This is why so many of the top influencers have spent so much time figuring out the demographics of their target audiences before they started creating content.

The first thing you should do to figure out your target audience is design a customer persona.

A customer persona, also known as an avatar, is a fictional person who has all of the ideal characteristics of your ideal audience member. When designing your customer persona, you should focus on demographics such as income level, education, age, sex, and general interests.

You can also start paying more attention to conversations that are happening on Instagram. Once you know what people are talking about, it will be easier to understand what kinds of content they’ll be most likely to engage with.

Be as Authentic as You Can

If you try to present yourself as polished and perfect on Instagram, people will not want to engage with your content. This is because most people are interested in developing relationships with those who are authentic.

To start being more authentic, consider making posts where you share what you are experiencing and what you are feeling. If you are going through a hard time, don’t be afraid to let people know. And if you’ve recently accomplished something meaningful in your life, be sure to share this with your audience.

Improve Your Photography Skills

Instagram is a photo-friendly social media platform. Even though it’s not necessary to be a professional photographer to create attention-grabbing images, it is a good idea to know how to shoot and edit compelling images.

You can use great filters on Instagram to create a certain mood with your photos. If you want to take things to another level, you should consider using Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos. There are many preset settings that you can download and add to your images while using this app.

Make Use of Post Carousels

After honing your skills at designing spectacular images, you should consider posting some of them on carousels. You can use this feature to post multiple photos. In fact, carousels are the most popular type of content on Instagram.

Get in the Habit of Posting Videos

If you spend too much time filming and editing your videos, you should remember that the most popular Instagram videos are often raw and unedited. Therefore, change what you are doing by shooting, editing, and posting your videos as quickly as possible.

There are hundreds of tools that you can use that make it easy to blend scenes, add music and headlines, and shorten your clips. One of the most popular tools for doing this is Adobe Rush, which is available for Android and iOS.

If you want to create professional videos, you should consider using more robust programs such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

Write Interesting Captions

Even though it’s possible to write captions on Instagram that are more than two thousand characters long, the best captions are often short and to the point. You should try to tag other friends and influencers who will want to know about the content you’re posting.

Go Live More Often

Those who frequently go live tend to build audiences more quickly than those who don’t. It’s a good idea to create a post before you go live to let people know when you’ll be starting and what you’ll be talking about.

Start Boosting Your Instagram Engagement Today

If you’ve been feeling unsure about how to increase your Instagram engagement, keep in mind that there are many strategies that you can start making use of today.

Make sure to post great photos, consider going live more often, and focus on writing great captions.

If you’d like to find out more about boosting engagement on social media platforms, make sure to check out the Entertainment section of our blog.


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