How Having Soft Pure Water And Clean Air In The Home Will Improve Your Health


We are all looking for ways to be healthier and feel fitter. Many of us try gyms, play sports, have a round of golf, or go cycling to different standards. It may be that simply enjoying a walk does the job for you. The options are endless.

However, there are other ways to improve ourselves without leaving the house. A good balanced healthy diet can go a long way, as can drinking soft pure water and breathing in clean air, which are two services that Fidelis Plumbing can offer.

Why is having soft water in the home good?

Having soft water coming through your taps sees the end of hard, itchy, and dry skin, as the calcium created by hard water can leave a scum behind that clogs up the pores and takes some of the moisture from the skin.

Once a water filtration is fitted other bills expenses will be lowered as damaging minerals are taken away to allow water appliances to function more efficiently for longer. Money will be saved when shopping with soaps and shampoos are not needed to be purchased as often as lathering becomes easy with softer water allowing the cleaning product to go further. It can help you make a bath with maximum bubbles.

Having fresh water coming out of the taps is the perfect addition to helping to live a healthier life. Washing machines and water using appliances will also be healthier as removing the minerals from the water allows for a cleaner laundry and a longer life as there is a lessening of scale on plumbing fixtures. Your clothes will also look brighter again after washing.

Why is having air purification in the home good?

With an air treatment system, airborne particles in the moving air like allergy-provoking dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, and mould spores are captured. Advanced technology means that the current day purifiers keep clothes and surfaces clean.

It will help with breathing issues, allergies, asthma, challenged immune systems, or if you have pets in the house. All of which help to lead a healthier and happier life in the home so that you will be in the right mood to enjoy going to cheer on your local favourites.

In conclusion

The installation of a water filtration and air purification systems in the home fitted by a quality plumbing team will lead to better health, wealth and feeling good.


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