Top 7 Reasons Companies Outsource Web Research Services


The web is the biggest, greatest source of information. It can provide a good deal of the data an enterprise needs to function and thrive in a competitive market, provided the company knows how to extract its required data from the various web portals. However, the complexity and resources involved in the process have made businesses turn to professional web research services for help. These companies can perform high-caliber, customized data extraction, overcome the hurdles of in-house data mining, and ensure high ROIs.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing your Data Mining Project to a Capable & Compatible Agency:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Data management doesn’t come cheap due to the complexity and quantity of data. So if you’re choosing to conduct data mining in-house, you must be ready to shell out money for its associated expenses besides salaries for highly-skilled employees. Those include equipment, subscription/purchase fees for all applicable software, and overheads like rent/lease for additional office space.

On the other hand, outsourcing data extraction services level out those costs and, in some cases, eliminates them. The first advantage they bring is economies of scale, where many professionals work on many projects simultaneously. This setup helps such agencies to spread out the costs of each project, thereby reducing the amount you have to pay.

The other reason you reduce data extraction costs is currency exchange values. If your outsourcing agency is based out of a developing country like India, you get the advantage of getting the same quality of work at a lower rate. It is one of the most important reasons for outsourcing such projects.

There are other savings, too, like preventing losses from system downturns or employee attrition. They all add up to lower your investment significantly and boost your ROI.

2. Instant Access To Expertise

All forms of data management are complex, requiring personnel with the appropriate skills to get them done accurately and on time. This is one area where external data mining services provide impeccable support. They instantaneously grant access to the right talent for your project since their business model demands that they maintain sufficient staff strength for any number of projects that may come their way.

It releases you from the problems of having to recruit such talents for your in-house teams, like delays and cost overruns. You also don’t have to contend with sudden departures of your team members, adding further delays, loss, and other costs. You could lose as much as one and a half to two times the salary you’re paying the existing employee in hiring and termination costs.

Having experts with years of experience work on your data extraction project means you also expedite the process. They will know exactly what needs to be done and can improvise better due to having similar-minded people around in the data extraction services agency. You may not be able to provide such an environment in-house due to recruitment issues, bringing down the quality of the output and the overall morale while increasing the completion time.

3. Reduced Delivery Times

Spending on your project, a data extraction team may have to run through multiple web portals to gather the required data. This factor makes the extraction process time-consuming and needs careful planning, the right number of people, and the best equipment to complete it in time. An in-house setup may not contain all of these necessary entities, leading to output delays that can severely undermine your time-to-market.

The solution is to go with a dedicated web research services provider. They will have the required resources to deliver your project on your timeline. These include staff strength, experienced and skilled professionals, appropriate equipment, and efficient operational protocols.

Another factor that applies based on the agency is its presence in multiple global locations, negating the delays caused due to time-zone differences. The combination of these factors results in cutting down delivery times significantly. And with reduced turnaround times come cost reductions too, further adding to profitability.

4. Additional Data Safety

The cyber-world is a dangerous place for enterprise data, especially if it is data extracted from the web itself. With increasing attacks of various types on companies, it is more important than ever to safeguard your valuable data against such threats. Although working with an in-house team may not grant you all the data security you need due to lack of expertise, incapability to spend on data security software, etc., by outsourcing to a professional data mining services agency, you can cover your data security, and privacy needs effectively.

Such agencies work with multiple clients on large projects simultaneously, meaning they will always have top-level data security and privacy measures in place. The data they extract for your company will get stored safely with the best security software. These agencies also ensure that their employees follow all data security and privacy protocols while working, such as the principle of least privilege.

They work with numerous cloud service operators, ensuring that their clients are protected against attacks regardless of the cloud service they use for their data. The equipment, software, and protocols are regularly upgraded/revised to protect your data against the latest threats.

The data extraction services agency will also have dedicated data security teams working around the clock to maintain and enforce data security and privacy policies. Thus, your internal data security measures get reinforced once you outsource your data extraction project. You also get backups, troubleshooting help, and quick recovery in case of an event, as they will have contingency plans in place for extraneous circumstances.

5. In-Depth Research

The internet is an expansive realm, with over 1.5 Billion websites, and growing by the day. The data you need may be lurking in any corner of this vastness; you need the know-how and intuition to reach that corner and extract the pertinent data. Unfortunately, an in-house team may not guarantee such in-depth internet research for many reasons, including lack of personnel, inadequate training, insufficient time, etc.

A dedicated web research services provider becomes your savior in such circumstances. With their appropriate staff strength, skill set, experience, equipment, operational finesse, and other favorable factors, they can scour the full breadth of the world wide web looking for the required data.

The team working on your project will have the intuition to search for possible data sources, discover the pertinent data portions there, and extract that while leaving the rest. It saves you time and money while bringing the data you need to your data warehouse.

6. Auxiliary Services

In many cases, data extraction needs to be accompanied by other data management processes to get the maximum benefit from it. For example, a professional data mining services provider tends to have such auxiliary data services in-house that you can opt for. They could be deduplication, standardization, data completion, verification, validation, and others.

Individually, they can cost you time and money but can be had cheaply as part of your data mining outsourcing. You can even get customized reports of the overall work done on the project, with important KPIs like time taken, the quantity of data worked on, etc. It helps you understand the big picture of the project and your business progress.

7. Additional Benefits

Besides the direct benefits mentioned above, outsourcing data mining to an external service partner has positive side effects. By removing the burden of managing an in-house team, you get more free time to concentrate on more critical core business processes.

The web research services experts can also guide you on how to go about the process efficiently, helping to organize your internal teams for optimized performance. Your employees, too, will enjoy reduced stress from not having to take on the additional burden of such arduous work as data mining. In addition, it boosts their engagement and productivity in their original tasks.

They don’t have to worry about training for a new role, spending additional time in work that’s outside their core domain, etc. This helps reduce the attrition rate, thus saving you money. Your IT infrastructure will also be cleaner and easier to manage due to clean, intelligent, and actionable data pouring in.


Enterprise data drives the profitability and survival of a company. There’s no overstating the importance of storing the right data on your servers. Outsourcing data mining, data extraction, and web scraping services to obtain it is not only important but inevitable. You get all the benefits you need, besides the high-quality data. It brings you closer to your objectives and closes the gap between you and your clients.


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