How to Know When Assisted Living is the Next Logical Step


As people get older, their health deteriorates and consequently so does their ability to practice healthy self-care. When this starts to happen, the situation can go downhill quickly and require immediate attention. Sometimes there is no way to plan, and actions have to be responsive instead. Other times, the trajectory is set in stone and suitable preparations can take place. Whatever the circumstance, there could come a time when assisted living is brought to the discussion. There are certain warning signs that indicate assisted living is the next logical step for elderly relatives, and this guide explains what they are in further detail.

How to Know When Assisted Living is the Next Logical Step

They Have a Degenerative Diagnosis

Degenerative conditions get worse over time and are not curable. So, if a diagnosis like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Dementia has been confirmed, it is guaranteed that at some point in the journey, there will be advanced care needs and a call for expert involvement. Facilities like the ones run by Parc Provence specialize in memory care and have a reliable wealth of experience to facilitate excellent care for such conditions.

Physical Health Struggles Are Appearing

Physical abilities naturally decline the older we become, and some people are affected more strongly. Elderly people with joint problems and a decreased capacity for mobility are at greater risk of sustaining a domestic injury through home accidents or falls. Input is needed to minimize the concerns and ensure the person in question is better protected and assisted living is a way to achieve this goal.

They Are Becoming Isolated Socially

Loneliness is one of the key factors that lead to both mental and physical decline. When everything else going on leads to an inability to socialise, or an increase in general isolation, assisted living could be the perfect solution. The relative will be surrounded by residents and caregivers and have a routine with engaging activities to keep the mind busy and fight off the dark days.

They Are Not Able to Look After a House

If dust is piling up, the laundry is never done, garbage sits unattended and general debris covers the area with the situation only getting worse, this is a big red flag. When people start to lose the ability to do basic housework chores, they may never recover. Assisted care facilities provide a clean environment with cooked meals and take away the pressure.

They Need Caring For

It is not always possible to step into the role of carer. If all the above issues are taking place and you cannot put life on hold to look after your loved one, that is nothing to feel guilty about. It works well for some families to amalgamate the care needs of their seniors, but this isn’t always an option. By moving them into a care facility, you are providing the optimum level of support and it is the best alternative to uprooting your daily routine.

The logical thing to do may not always be intuitive. Yet when it comes to looking after senior relatives who are struggling with their health, assisted living could be the best solution for everyone involved.


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