How to Sell Crypto Like a Pro – Tips for Starters


Selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a risky affair. You can lose your investment to fraudsters and hackers within a blink of an eye. There is also the risk of selling at a loss due to bad timing. But this should not discourage you from doing it, right? What you need most is guidance on how to do it like a pro.

How to Sell Crypto Like a Pro – Tips for Starters

And that is where this article comes in, to help you with all the tips on how to sell crypto. Read and take notes before attempting these transactions.

You Need a Secure and Fast Exchange

This is where most people make mistakes: choosing the wrong platform to sell. Crypto exchanges are the most popular and easiest platforms. For beginners who want to know how to sell crypto, here are the popular crypto exchanges to try.

  • NakitCoins – Among all CEX platforms, NakitCoins takes the lead. Investors in Turkey can sell their crypto instantly through physical outlets while people around the world can use their website to sell. For those who don’t know how to sell crypto on this exchange, it is worth checking them out on the web.
  • Coinbase – Are you looking for where and how to sell crypto as a beginner? This is the platform for you. It has been praised by reviewers and crypto experts as a user-friendly platform with simple steps to buy and sell crypto like a pro.
  • Binance – Binance can be described as a good crypto exchange overall. It has its own blockchain and coin and supports smart contracts. It also has a thriving community for buyers and sellers to exchange ideas.
  • Uniswap – Would you like to try a DEX platform so that you can sell crypto to other peers directly? Then try Uniswap. It eliminates middle entities that increase charges for crypto buyers and sellers. However, you should learn how to sell crypto like a pro on these platforms first.

Compare Commissions and Charges

Saving money while selling crypto is a priority for many people as it promotes higher profits. To achieve this goal, you should compare exchange rates, charges, and commissions on different platforms. Ensure that you get value for money. This means using reputable platforms while paying as little as possible for the services. Anyone who is still learning how to sell crypto like a pro should know this.

You Need an Account

You might need an account with an exchange to sell crypto, but others allow investors to sell without any registration, especially when selling for cash. But as a beginner, it is recommended to use platforms that allow opening an account and loading it with the crypto you want to sell only. This minimizes the need to link your account directly for a transaction to go through.

Sell Like a Pro

It is good to know how to sell crypto because you will do it like a pro, even when it is your first time. Starting in the right gear gives the investor an edge and motivates them to trade cryptocurrencies. Now that you know what to do, it is time to sell like a pro. Avoid costly mistakes.


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