Employee Recognition Examples: 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Employee Morale


We all want to feel as though our hard work is recognized by those around us. Yet 59% of people surveyed claimed that they’d never had a boss who appreciated their time and effort.

While employee appreciation might not be the biggest priority for business owners, a little appreciation can prevent employee burnout, high turnover rates, and low morale. In that sense, it’s clear that employee recognition needs to move a few rungs on the ladder of corporate priorities.

Employee Recognition Examples

Thankfully, showing your appreciation is easy, affordable, and yields some amazing results that last months after you show recognition.

Ready to learn more? Then keep reading as we break down four employee recognition examples below!

1. Financial Incentives

Rest assured, it may be the simplest way to inspire hard-work, but money is a universal motivator. As of 2018, 90% of businesses offered some form of financial incentive in its employee recognition programs.

At the same time, if you’re not currently utilizing a financial motivation system, finding the appropriate levels of compensation can prove challenging. You’ll want to sit down with your human resources department, as well as your accounting team, to find the appropriate compensation.

However, employees can sniff out a bad deal, so make it worth their time.

2. Extra Time Off

Not all small businesses can afford monetary employee recognition awards. That’s okay, because time off works just as well!

Whether you add an extra vacation day or just a few half-days, let your employees choose how and when they get to utilize their time off.

Again, it’s simple, but who doesn’t wait to get paid to have a beach day?

3. Tangible Goods

If your office permits employees to decorate their offices, offering tangible goods like certificates of appreciation or custom pins can be a fun way to spruce up an individual’s workspace.

Think about how your team can create fun, office-friendly knick-knacks that add a sense of fun and creative flair. You can even get your employees in on the creative process, by allowing idea submissions or employee voting.

Employers should go the extra mile with these goods, paying attention to quality. For example, if you’re offering certificates of appreciation, present the certificate in a high-quality frame that the employee will actually want to display.

4. Corporate Recognition

Sometimes the best employee recognition gifts cost nothing at all!

Get in the habit of letting your hardest-working employees know how much you value their time and effort. Go out of your way to praise them, and be specific about how their work benefits the company.

Whenever possible, offer praise in a public setting or via a company-wide email chain. That way, other employees get a reminder that you are paying attention, and you’re appreciative.

Employee Recognition Examples That Show You Care

Ultimately, the right employee recognition program is all about putting the power into the hands of your workers. These employee recognition examples are just a leaping off point, and you’re encouraged to discuss potential rewards with your team.

The more involved your team feels, the better their output. The better their output, the better your profits, making it a win-win.

For more tips on improving employee relations, be sure to check out the rest of our business section.


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