Tips for Finding the Right Hotel Patio Furniture


While on vacation, many travelers love to sit outdoors. After a long day of sightseeing, parents might want to sit around the pool while the kids play, and groups of friends may wish to relax with cold beverages. To respond to these needs, hotels should have suitable outdoor furniture. Know what features to look for when selecting the right patio furniture for the hotel.

Tips for Finding the Right Hotel Patio Furniture

Consider Accessibility

A hotel’s outdoor patio space should be an inclusive area. Owners interested in hotel patio furniture should purchase items that are accessible for all clients. For example, look for chairs and couches of differing heights. Also, it’s important to have some seating without arms. Guests who need to transfer from a wheelchair or who cannot fit in arm chairs need to have a space to sit. The chairs and couches should be strong and sturdy so that guests of all weights can feel comfortable. Accessibility is one of the absolute most important points to consider when buying hotel patio furniture.

Account for Durability

The hotel patio furniture is likely to get a lot of use, particularly in areas that are popular for tourists during the warmer months. Buy furniture that is made of durable material. Some owners will select cheap furniture to save money. However, these pieces of furniture are likely to last for only a short while before they are in need of replacement. Investing in quality pieces is a move that generally saves money in the long term.

Think about Guests’ Needs

Owners should also consider who many of their guests are. For example, at a resort that is typically frequented by families or groups of travelers, purchasing couch sets with side tables is a smart idea so that relatives and friends can sit together. On the other hand, a hotel that is known to be a romantic retreat for couples will likely be better served by smaller tables with two chairs. Of course, buying different sets is a good idea to serve diverse customer needs. However, the majority of the furniture should be tailored toward the target audience.

Focus on Style

The furniture should also match with the overall style of the hotel. A swanky resort with upscale amenities can be the right fit for intimate poolside couches where bottle service is offered. Rows of lounge chairs around the pool make sense at a family friendly hotel. Think about how the colors and decor of the hotel can be carried out into the patio area as well. Matching the outdoor furniture with the interior of the hotel can make for a seamless transition.

In addition, hotel owners can think about how they might use the patio furniture for branding purposes, particularly if the outdoor space is open to individuals who aren’t guests at the hotel. If people can come into the patio for a drink or for a meal, they might think about booking a night at the hotel for a special event, such as a wedding or an anniversary celebration.

A patio offers hotel guests with a way to enjoy the weather and to mingle with other travelers staying at the same lodging facility. Putting effort into the furniture selection can help guests to feel more welcomed and to perhaps even encourage them to stay longer on their next visit.


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