What Are Your Options When Choosing Hair Extensions?


Your hair can be one of your biggest assets or insecurities, depending on how well you maintain it. When you’re looking to add a bit of glamor to your hair, getting hair extensions can be a perfect way to do that.

What Are Your Options When Choosing Hair Extensions

Whether you’re looking for the perfect hair extensions to wear regularly or for a special occasion, you must first be aware of all the available types. Without knowing all the varieties that can be ideal for your hair, you might end up choosing one that looks unnatural or even causes hair damage.

Authentic Human Hair Extensions

When you’re looking for the finest extensions, getting extensions made from authentic human hair is perfect. While they can be a bit pricier than your regular extensions, they end up looking more natural and can last for years when maintained well.

Depending on what color hair extensions you’re looking at, you can consider getting virgin hair extensions (that have been left untouched and uncolored) or treated authentic extensions that may have been through styling treatments or color jobs.

Synthetic Extensions

While synthetic extensions can be more affordable than the real deal, there’s an obvious tradeoff. Synthetic extensions can be easily damaged when you expose them to excessive heat, styling tools, or any other type of treatment. They tend to only last for a few months, which is why many opt for authentic human hair clip-ons.

Whether you’re looking for extensions just to wear on the odd occasion or to wear with a specific costume, getting cost-effective synthetic hair can be ideal. You can find synthetic hair in all types of colors, which might not be possible when you’re looking at authentic hair.

Clip-In Extensions

These extensions, also known as clip-in wefts, come in multiple strands, all with individual clip attachments when you’re looking to have the option of removing your extensions whenever you want. It can be ideal since you don’t have to visit a parlor to get them especially removed.

They are also known as temporary extensions because they can be quickly removed and put on. If you’re looking to add fun highlights or just give the appearance of more voluminous hair in specific areas, consider opting for these wefts.

Tape-In Extensions

If you’re looking for something more professional and put together, getting tape-in hair extensions can be perfect. Typically, it would help if you had a professional hairstylist to do these for you, as they are pre-taped to your hair.

They are aligned to your hair roots, and then heat is used to merge them with your natural hair. It can present the appearance of more natural and voluminous hair. You would also need to get them removed or adjusted at a parlor when your hair starts growing.


When you’re looking for a complete makeover, consider getting weave extensions. These are ideal for people who want thicker hair, or are looking for a particular style or color that can’t be applied to their natural hair.

The process begins with the person’s natural hair being styled into cornrows for better grip and attachment. The weave is then woven through the cornrows. This process can take up to a few hours and can feel a bit heavy on the head.

You would need an experienced hairdresser to install your weave for you. Depending on your requirements, you might want to consider easy options like clip-on extensions or more intricate ones like weaves.

When you’re considering your options for hair extensions, keep the ones above in mind to make informed and ideal decisions for your needs.


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