Detailed Guide on Common MacBook Problems and Their Solutions


If you have been a MacBook user for a long time, you might have faced battery issues. You often see that the MacBook doesn’t function as it did when you brought it. Due to problems like MacBook battery issues or other situations, the productivity of a company or individual suffers.

Detailed Guide on Common MacBook Problems and Their Solutions

Well, in this write-up, we have enlisted the top 5 common MacBook problems with their solution. So, as a user, this guide is going to help you out in many ways. Read on!

Top 5 Problems Of MacBook And Its Solutions

1. Poor Battery

First and foremost, we will discuss the common issues faced by iMac users. It is a “Poor Battery” problem. Well, the main cause of poor battery life is usually many background applications, unnecessary functions running, and visuals.


Close all background application

iMac battery endures due to many background applications running at one time. Generally, we neglect to close a page or application after using it, which prompts diminished battery duration.

Remember to have a quick check over your MacBook or MacBook movement. You can even download application trackers free of charge. Here you will find out about applications that need to be advanced.

To check which applications are using your battery, open Activity Monitor on Mac. Here you can follow use, memory allocation, disk, CPU use, energy use, network, and memory distribution. It will show you which page or application is depleting the iMac battery quicker.

To do it without help from anyone else, then, at that point, there is a way.

  • Go to Applications
  • Utilities
  • Activity Monitor
  • And then close the things that you need.

Lower down brightness

Turning down the brightness level can save the battery of your gadget. So, without further ado, turn down the screen brightness of your Macbook.

Turning down brightness doesn’t mean making your screen dim. It means adjusting the brightness as per your needs. Additionally, don’t cripple auto-brightness mode. It depletes the battery. Instead, you can set a brightness level to 75 percent, an ideal one.

Turn down the brightness to improve the battery duration. How? Check below!

  • Go to the Apple symbol to bring down the screen brightness.
  • Then, pick System Preferences.
  • Click on the display.
  • Now adjust the brightness slider as per your needs.

Likewise, you can use F1 and F2 on iMac and F14 or F15 over the other laptops or PCs.

Turn off Bluetooth or wifi

The rule is simple- when you are not using Bluetooth and wifi connections, turn it off. Believe us; this is going to be a boost for the MacBook battery or device.

For Wi-Fi, turn off your MacBook, click on the menu and select Wi-Fi Turn off option.
Now click on the menu bar, go to the Bluetooth icon and turn it off.

Moreover, don’t forget to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whenever you are connecting a device such as a mouse and headphones. Following this will improve the battery life of your iMac or MacBook.

2. Virus and malware

Whether it’s Windows OS or iMac devices, viruses and malware are the main causes of internal damage. So, you need to keep the system free from viruses. How? Check below!


Updating your apps and software

You might be aware of MacBook software updates and applications updates. So, for better performance, you need to update it timely. MacBook gets software updates once in 6 months or more, but it gets application updates within seven days or maybe less.
One more reason to update is it makes a system more efficient and prevents it from lagging. Once you have up-to-date processing, your device will function smoothly.

Download software

There are many paid and free software for preventing virus attacks on your MacBook. Moreover, DIY virus protection apps don’t need MacBook Repair or buying a new one.

3. Noise from fan

Many users complain that loud noise comes from their MacBooks. It sometimes creates a headache for a user. Do you know dust inside the MacBook is a reason for noise?


Clean your device

Your laptop gets dirty due to too much dust inside. So, the solution for this is regular laptop cleaning with a pure cotton cloth and a dust cleaner. But you need to stay very attentive while cleaning. If you are not a pro in cleaning, then ask for help from an expert who has better experience in cleaning work. Or you can visit a nearby computer service store. It will reduce the fan noise from the computer.

Moreover, once the fan noise reduces, you may notice improvements in the computer’s temperature. Or you can say the MacBook doesn’t overheat once the dust gets removed from its parts.

4. Data Backup Failure

As you know, restoring data in an iMac is not easy; you need an expert for saving lost data. Furthermore, you can’t predict MacBook’s hardware will break down anytime.


Regular backup

The simple solution is regular data backup. It is very easy and easy to complete by every user. If you can’t back up data every day, try to backup once a week at least.

Moreover, a user can turn on the backup data feature in your MacBook. If you can’t fix it by yourself, then connect with the customer care of iMac.

5. Flickering

Well, the flickering screen is not a common issue in MacBooks. So, if the screen is flickering, the problem is an incompatibility between the graphics processing unit and the operating system.


MacOS updates

Experts advise that installing new macOS updates is best for performance improvements. But, there are chances when it still causes a flickering screen after updates. So, to solve this issue, switch back to the old version of macOS and wait for a hotfix. Moreover, if this issue is not fixed, then visit the MacBook service store.

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope you liked this guide. Furthermore, it will help you to save your MacBook from different problems. If you are still facing major issues, surface pro repair Singapore or your nearby region. Do you still have any queries? If so, you can comment down in the section below.


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