Attention Active Entrepreneurs: Ride the Global Trend for Fitness with your Own Gym


There was a time in the UK when the only gyms were mainly for boxing, with the odd bodybuilding centre; enter MMA and a global awareness and desire for peak fitness and we see gyms and fitness centres everywhere.

Attention Active Entrepreneurs: Ride the Global Trend for Fitness with your Own Gym

If you have a love of working out, why not combine that with business? The demand is certainly there and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

Leasing space

The great thing about a gym is the minimal décor requirements; you could take a small warehouse and convert it into a gym and there are lots of empty commercial premises that you can lease. Of course, it is all about location; choose a place that is near to several large communities and it is worth spending time considering the location of your gym.

State of the art fitness equipment

Once you have sourced a supplier of top-quality fitness equipment, talk to Rhenus High Tech, a leading UK white glove logistics company who can install and configure the equipment. You would need at least the following fitness equipment:

  • Hanging bags
  • Weight lifting equipment
  • Treadmills
  • Bikes

This is technical equipment that needs to be installed by skilled technicians, who will also maintain the equipment and teach your staff how to manage the network (all equipment is online).


If you are planning to offer MMA classes, you will need a boxing ring; mixed martial arts are extremely popular in the UK, largely thanks to the UFC and many young people wish to learn MMA. You will need to join forces with a recognised former MMA fighter with an impressive record and let him head up the MMA section. It is a significant investment to kit out even a small fitness studio and your business plan should be detailed, showing your marketing strategies; how you plan to find subscribers.

Yoga & Pilates

If you have the right venue, why not make maximum use and offer Yoga and Pilates classes? It isn’t hard to find a few freelance instructors and you can schedule for a busy 7-day week. The secret to success is hiring instructors with dynamic personalities who are people oriented and they will ensure you get a lot of interest. Offer free trial classes and you won’t regret it; it costs you nothing for a few extra people to be on the mat and this is the best way to get course enrollment. Here is an article that shows how strength training is good for both young and old.

Personal Trainers

This is another potential business avenue and you can easily find local personal trainers who will work freelance. When an enquiry arrives, call the trainer and have them come and talk to the client about their fitness goals. Pay your trainers well and you’ll never have staff issues; they are the backbone of the business.

If you would like some information about setting up a business in the UK, click here. Start with a business plan and calculate the start-up cost and with a dynamic digital marketing plan and the right location, the only way is up!


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