An Overview About Aptitude Test


Recruiters are often embossed in the intricacies pertaining to a selection process to locate the right candidate. There is a widespread cry far and wide that recruiters should not be sticking to one hiring method. No single method exists to rely on a single method for hiring as organizations alter the methods of hiring. The onus is on most of the recruiters to figure out a proper module of recruiting and when there is bulk screening it becomes difficult. To obtain a single resume from a host of applications works out to be a challenging process. Hence companies rely on aptitude test for recruitment in terms of selecting an employee.

An Overview About Aptitude Test

With the help of such tests recruiters are able to select a candidate based on their job profile. Here the focus is on the cognitive abilities of the candidate. The nature of such tests enables a recruiter to go beyond the resumes and looks for additional qualities in selecting a candidate. But being a recruiter you have to take stock of the nuances of a recruitment test as it helps to choose candidates who zero in a particular trait of human intelligence.

An idea about human intelligence

Human intelligence points to understanding, and interpreting different behaviour of human beings. In a way it points to how you adopt your behaviour to a particular environment or a situation. In fact human beings are a consortium of emotional and cognitive intelligence. When it is cognitive intelligence it indicates reasoning, memory judgement and intelligence of human beings. Based on the existing knowledge it points to creation of new behaviour.

In case of emotional intelligence, it depicts the ability to be differentiating among the various emotion types. Even it takes into consideration the emotional process, and it all relates to managing of human emotions. But till date there is no single formula to be describing human emotions as people have gone on to adopt a series of mechanisms to cope up with the issue. The brain process at a cognitive level works out to be important as there is a collection of information. In fact the recruiter confronts a challenge on how to map the candidates based on their abilities. Since each job takes into consideration a particular role the cognitive abilities of a candidate comes to the fore in handling a job. At this point of time the aptitude tests are going to rise in prominence.

More about aptitude tests

With the help of aptitude tests you figure out the abilities and qualities of a candidate. Various types of testing might come to the fore based on the functional abilities of a candidate. The very nature of such tests provides a fair indication on how a candidate goes on to perform in a given job role. In fact the nature of the tests provides insights into the ability of the candidate. The recruiters are forced to look beyond the resumes of candidate and evaluate the personal qualities. Once you conduct an interview you are able to figure out all the necessary qualities. The tests have a direct bearing on the hire quality. Certain job types require specific skill sets in the candidate. An example is that a computer programmer needs to have strong cognitive abilities.

Recruiters need to take note of the fact that they need to subject candidates to various test types. A candidate goes on to apply for the job of a business analyst. In this case the candidates have a knack of problem solving, research skills and have an interest for data interpretation.

Aptitude test and their role in the process of recruitment

The role of a recruiter is to locate a candidate corresponding to the given job role. In fact the core abilities of a candidate are evaluated during the course of the test. Let us now have a fair understanding on how an aptitude test helps in the process of recruitment

Lead time

The focus of every recruiter is to ensure that the lead time is at the lowest. Once you source the candidates and then screening them for the further stages outlines the success of a recruitment model. It is possible to evaluate the abilities of the candidates based on the requirements of a job.


The test makes it a point that a candidate who reaches the final stage of recruitment has the abilities to perform the job. The nature of such tests is that it conducts an assessment of the candidate at numerous levels. For example if a basic reasoning test, it enables to select the proper talent pool for the coming stage.


Screening of the candidates is one of the most difficult tasks for a recruiter. For a single job thousands of applications emerge. By the aptitude tests the candidates are screened in the starting phase of the process of recruitment. Even before job related traits basic skills come to the fore. The nature of such tests is that they check out the basic and job related aspects of the candidate.

Cost effective

The nature of such tests is that it works out to be cost effective. For conducting them you just need a computer to perform. A lot of candidates appear for a single job at the same time. The results are evaluated on an instant basis and there is no need for any form of human intervention.


If you are able to objectivity during the process of recruitment it helps to attract diverse talent. The tests are that importance to all candidates irrespective of their educational qualification and background.


To recruit a candidate merely interpretation a couple of skills is not going to suffice. The combination of skills is essential in order to find out the right candidate for a job. By an aptitude test you are able to choose the right candidate on the combination of skills. But before this recruiters need to have an idea about competencies of candidates they want to hire.


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