What is Error 503 and How to Deal With It?


Error 503 is an unavailability error that occurs when the server is unable temporarily. When this error encounters, your browser will not manage to open the URL for you. This error simply states that there is some problem with Network 503 which means the server is not available right now. Usually, this error occurs when the server has heavy traffic and unable to serve more people. 503 Error code can also encounter when the website is under maintenance. You can get this error on any browser while using any operating system like Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

What is Error 503 and How to Deal With It


How do I fix 503 error?

As we mentioned earlier, error 503 is a service unavailability service which means some issue has occurred on the server-side. But it is also possible that your computer is interrupting somewhere which is resulting in network 503 error.

Here are some basic solutions which can be helpful in troubleshooting Browser 503 error:

• Retry

The most basic and easy way for fixing this error is by reloading the page again and again. Tap the reload or refresh button in the URL or by hitting Ctrl+R or F5.

• Restart your router

If you are facing service unavailable or DNS error then the very first thing you should perform is restarting the router or your modem. After restarting the router; restart your device and connect it. HTTP error 503 Chrome is likely server-side error but it can also occur due to wrong DNS server configuration on the router or modem. Restarting the router can resolve the configuration mismatch.

• Contact the admin

One of the potential solutions for resolving the error is by directly contacting the website’s admin. It’s quite possible that they already know about this error but informing them is can be helpful. You can directly contact them from the phone number or email address. If you are facing the error in some famous websites then twitter can be very helpful. Just tweet about your issue and mention the name of the URL with the hashtag. You may also get a re-tweet or solution of this error.

• Wait

If you had enough then just leave the website and try after some time. HTTP Error 503 means the server is down. If you are facing this error on a very popular website or some ticket booking website then the huge traffic can be the only reason for this error. The best thing you can do is waiting. The less number of visitors means successful loading of the page. Some people also reported that they are facing YouTube 503 service unavailable error. This is similar to other cases, you just have to wait and reload your YouTube after some time. If you are now able to access YouTube then it means there was a problem with the Network 503 which has been resolved now. So, you need not worry about this error; just ensure that your device and router are in working properly.


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