What is the Health, Safety and Environment Test?


The CITB’s Health, Safety, and the Environment (HS&E) examination is required for construction workers to demonstrate their competence in Health & Safety. It covers a wide range of themes related to safety and productivity on-site, demonstrating that candidates can work safely while also ensuring that their co-workers are kept safe. Employers receive peace of mind from.

What is the Health, Safety and Environment Test

The following are the test formats for all the tests. Candidates will have 45 minutes to complete 50 questions in five key subject areas: legal and management, health and welfare, basic safety, high-risk activities, and the environment. These 50 questions include more information in both Specialist and Manager tests as well as Professional levels.

CSCS Cards

You may get an HS&E test certificate after passing the examination and then obtain a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card for £36. These cards verify that each employee has the appropriate training and qualifications for their job, which aids in raising quality and safety on construction sites across the UK.

Obtaining and maintaining a CSCS card not only assures your employer that site safety is not jeopardized but also demonstrates that you are qualified, ensuring on-site productivity and commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety management. There are corresponding CSCS cards for each exam taken, which the applicant can apply for.

The following is a list of the required licenses and certifications for various jobs: CSCS Card
Candidates must receive a Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment and pass the operative HS&E test. This card is valid for 5 years after attainment and may be renewed, but some level 1 health and safety qualifications expire after several years.

Red Apprentice

This card is only offered to apprentices applying to a recognized training program and once obtained, it is valid for four years and six months after which it may no longer be renewed. Candidates must take the HS&E test, but they might be exempt if their apprenticeship program provides them with enough training in one of the following forms:

  • A letter from the candidate’s apprenticeship Managing Agency has verified that the candidate has satisfied its Health and Safety standards.
  • A one-day Health and Safety Awareness course certificate
  • This is usually a health and safety team that comes with the candidate’s induction or initial qualification.

Supervisor or Manager:

This is a limited-time card for supervisors, managers, and technical workers with on-site expertise (at least one year of experience in the last three years). Candidates must be registered to take a construction related NVQ; however, they do not have to be members of an authorized Professional organization.

Worker with Experience

The Superior Staff Manager is a one-year card that can only be obtained by employees with on-site expertise (at least one year in the previous three years). Candidates must also hold an NVQ Level 2 or higher construction qualification. This card is comparable to the above Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor, or Manager card since it is also temporary.

(Blue) Skilled Workers (Operatives, Specialists)

Candidates must have received a construction related NVQ Level 2 certificate or done an apprenticeship (such as the CSCS Approved Trailblazer) to apply. They should also have completed the operative or specialist HS&E test within two years of submitting their application.

Metalcraft Gold Advanced Craft

Candidates must have obtained a construction-related NVQ Level 3 or completed an approved apprenticeship/employer-sponsored apprenticeship. You must also have passed the Operative and Specialist HS&E test (depending on the candidate’s profession)

Supervisor of the Gold Class

Candidates who have a Construction Supervisory/Technical NVQ Level 3 or 4 and a Supervisor’s HS&E Test can apply for this card. This card is available to supervisors and technical jobs and has a duration of 5 years.

To receive this card, candidates must first have completed the Managers and Professionals HS&E examination (which is valid for 5 years).

Manager and Professionals with a Degree or Higher: Academically Qualified Expert

This card is available to those who have obtained a recognized construction-related degree. This card is only open to individuals who have achieved a high school education or higher and have completed some sort of professional training in the field of building (evidence of this qualification is required in the appropriate form). Furthermore, HS&E testing for Managers and Professionals is

Supervisor and Professionals (Professionally Qualified Person)

Only candidates who have been competently assessed by a CSCS-approved body such as the candidate must be a member of a CSCS-approved professional organization are eligible to apply for these cards.

Within the previous two years, candidates must have passed the HS&E test and been registered with CSCS. Candidates who are undergoing a probationary period while their employers analyse their suitability for employment will be given this card. This card is only offered to people who haven’t already received one.

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