Business Idea to Focus in 2022


2022 will be an interesting period for many business sectors. In this post, we will try to focus on the most interesting business spaces that can bloom very fast.

Business Idea to Focus in 2022

Children’s 3D printer

We have already written about how quickly these devices are developing and occupying more and more new niches, becoming more convenient, more compact and more affordable. So the industry of children’s entertainment and toys has surrendered under the pressure of modern technology. The Toy Box 3D device allows you to print toys for your child. The company has its own catalog of what this fun thing allows you to do, where you can already find more than 1,000 options. Moreover, it continues to grow. We won’t be surprised if entrepreneurs soon offer toy store franchises with an assortment created entirely in 3D technologies. An excellent factor is also the fact that the child will not just play with him. Toybox 3D will allow you to develop your imagination and introduce your child to the latest technologies in a playful way.

CBD Space in Canada

It’s believed that CBD space is growing very fast. In just a few years, legal CBD space in Canada has seen a massive rise. As of now, CBD space has many aspects to offer to the world. You can buy CBD flowers, edibles, twisted extracts cbd and many more from the trusted suppliers. Keep in mind that the CBD market will reach 20 billion dollars in sales by the start of 2024. Don’t sleep in this space, if you want to see massive rise.

Wall printer

Do you like pictures on the walls? But what if you can not buy them, but print them yourself, and make the images the way your soul asks? No, we are not talking about large-format printing and photo wallpapers. We are talking about a device from the world of 3D printers that will allow you to print pictures directly on the walls. The device will be a great tool for any designer. By the way, the printer is able to work on any surface – from glass to plastic and wood. Even one person can handle the site visit. The main thing is to install the device on site, and you can control it using a compact computer.

Interactive sandbox

Remember how popular at one time was the novelty in the form of sand painting on a luminous table? Until now, such shows are organized as part of entertainment events. However, the demand for them gradually began to decline. Which is not surprising. The public gets bored with everything sometimes, but almost everyone has seen it. Therefore, the novelty in ideas with sand will definitely appeal to the public. Moreover, it is much more technologically advanced than its predecessor. This is a sandbox that uses a scanner and software, as well as a projector. The bottom line is that such a sandbox can display an image on the sand, depending on what kind of landscape is being created. So, if you make a hill of sand, then the projector will display an image of a mountain on it, if you make a ditch, then a river will appear. There are a lot of modes and they are all interactive. For children, such a sandbox is an amazing world where they can show and develop their imagination. And in fact, it will be interesting not only for children, but the technology is already very entertaining. You can install such sandboxes for business both in shopping and entertainment centers and in other places – cafes, restaurants, game rooms, the idea itself can be fitting for lots of places as a whole thus making it more usable for all niches and groups.


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