9 Tricks to Increase YouTube Views


YouTube is one of the largest online platforms today, with over 30 billion monthly users. You can leverage the large audience base of this video-sharing platform and increase your YouTube videos and channel views.

9 Tricks to Increase YouTube Views

Users spend about 40 minutes on average on YouTube for each session. The YouTube algorithm gives weight to videos with a higher watch time.

Increasing the number of real views to your youtube videos allows you to have in addition to an increase in notoriety also the monetization of your channel. Youtube now provides, to have a sponsored channel, a minimum of 100,000 views which correspond to approximately 4000 hours.

Of course, you would also like to get fast youtube views.

With these 9 tips provided, you can easily boost your YouTube views.

9 tricks to increase Youtube views

Here are some simple tips on how to get more views on YouTube:

1. Optimize the title and description of your video

Your YouTube video title should of course express the essence of the video. It should nudge the user to your video and start playing it. Use a compelling title for your videos to grab your audience’s attention.

Make it keyword-rich by using SEO methods such as using tools like keyword planners. This will be useful for getting organic coverage for your videos.

At the same time, make sure your description works well with the video content and title. It should be just appropriate for the video content. It should also be optimized for SEO purposes.

2. Use a good preview image

One of the most important things to do is to get your preview image right. Your thumbnail image represents the topic of your video. Fully optimize it to make it look beautiful. The thumbnail should grab your audience’s attention. Whenever users look at the thumbnail, they have to be prompted to press the play button. If you can’t get a creative idea then search for How to create a youtube channel and find good tips.

Before a user plays a video, they will look at the description. It is very important that the thumbnail image matches the title and description.

You can increase YouTube views by using a well-optimized thumbnail. You need to have a clear, high-quality image for your thumbnail. Thumbnails should also have large font captions that give away a snippet of the video content. The idea is to force the audience to play the video.

3. Create valuable content

Want to know some great advice on how to get more views on YouTube?

Create content that adds value to your audience. As a brand, the best way to market your products is through show & tell. Product demonstrations are a way to attract your audience. You can also have user-generated content.

Educational videos, how-to videos, interviews with subject matter experts are some of the most popular types of YouTube video content. Tutorials and product reviews are some other types of videos that the audience likes.

You can also draw inspiration from viral topics and trends to create video content.

Finally, remember to leverage your social media presence on other platforms. Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This way, you will be able to reach your audience on other platforms as well, expand your audience, and increase your overall views.

4. Use the tabs and end screens

Use calls to action on your YouTube videos. YouTube gives you the features of tabs and end screens. You can add cards to your videos such as written invitations to other videos, playlists, websites, etc. Tabs are a good way to take viewers to other videos, playlists, etc. Whenever you make quotes on related topics. This way, you can bring your audience to other videos, playlists, etc.

The final screens are another call to action that can add about 5-20 seconds before the end of the video. With end screens, you can take your viewers to other videos, playlists, etc. You can also get your viewers to subscribe to your channel, which will help boost YouTube videos.

With end screens and tabs, you can take your viewers to other playlists, videos, and even take them to your channel’s subscription button. Using these calls to action on your videos will help you increase YouTube views.

5. Push for subscriptions

If your audience has subscribed to your channel, your latest videos will appear on their YouTube homepage. Therefore, if you want to increase YouTube views, you need to encourage the audience to subscribe to your channel. Ask them to turn on notifications for each new video you add.

Whenever you add a new video, you will be able to reach more people and get more views.

6. Reap the benefits of Influencer Marketing

Partner with influencers to gain access to a wider audience and leverage their unique content creation capabilities.

Working with influencers gives you the advantage of having access not only to your audience but to that of the influencers as well. Since influencers are known to have large social media followers, partnering with them will be very profitable. The larger the audience, the higher your YouTube views are.

Another benefit of influencer marketing is the creation of unique content. You can partner with niche influencers who specialize in your field to create engaging videos that drive views.

To find the right influencers for you, read: 5 tools to find the right Youtube influencers

7. Monitor your performance

To increase YouTube views, you need to know performance. A good YouTube Analytics tool will help you track all your video metrics. You can monitor the audience retention rate.

Which videos have had the lowest retention rates? You may want to avoid repeating content that doesn’t keep your audience. Learn from videos that haven’t achieved the desired retention rate. Get inspiration from videos that have generated higher retention rates. This will help you create videos that will generate more views.

8. Buy real Youtube views

One way to quickly and easily get an increase in real views of Youtube videos is to turn to serious and professional web agencies such as YTpals, which offers a money-back guarantee. The advantages of the youtube visit increase service offered by YTpals are:

  • Real visits and of interested users
  • Service activated in 48 hours
  • Visits accepted by Youtube also useful for monetization

9. Use YouTube Ads

Using YouTube Ads is a surefire way to increase YouTube views. You can use True View in-stream ads, bumper ads, or TrueView discovery ads.

True display in-stream ads are skippable and are added before videos. The Bumper Ads are videos added between 6/2 videos. TrueView discovery ads appear on the YouTube home page, in search results, and next to related videos.

YouTube ads, in this sense, are a worthy investment. With this feature, your videos will definitely show up ahead of your target audience, thus increasing your overall views.


Increasing YouTube views is very simple. YouTube offers various platform tools that you can leverage to increase your views.

Here is a list of all the tips you can follow to increase your YouTube views:

  1. Optimize the title and description of YouTube videos to pique the interests of the audience
  2. Create an eye-catching preview image for your videos
  3. Create content that adds value to your audience and post to other social media platforms
  4. Use tabs and end screens and call action to bring viewers to your other videos, playlists, and channels
  5. Encourage memberships to expand your audience
  6. Partner with niche influencers to reach a wider audience and leverage their content creation skills
  7. Monitor your video metrics to improve your performance
  8. Buy Youtube comments
  9. Get YouTube ads to safely increase your video usage


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