How to Get Started with a Child Custody Case


When a parent wants to pursue child custody, a battle often ensues. Parents sometimes cannot agree on custody when they divorce. Those parents who want to seek custody need to prepare themselves for the process so they will know how to get started. With this guide, parents will become prepared to make the right decisions.

How to Get Started with a Child Custody Case

Seek Help From a Child Custody Lawyer

One of the first steps parents need to take is to schedule a consultation appointment with a child custody lawyer. A lawyer offers extensive services to individuals, giving them peace of mind and the guidance needed for pursuing custody. Those who are interested in getting legal help should visit right away.

Steps for Getting Started on a Child Custody Case

Taking the right steps towards getting custody becomes essential for individuals. A parent should consider taking the following steps to seek custody of their child without so much stress.

  • One of the first steps parents need to take is to make sure they face the facts. While it may be their heart’s desire to seek custody, this may not be realistic for some parents. Individuals need to evaluate their financial status carefully before committing to a custody battle they may win. After all, it is the child who will suffer if things go amiss.
  • Parents need to make sure they are prepared for custody. A judge will expect each parent to have a plan in place for handling living conditions, the child’s education, and financial preparedness. If a person is ill-prepared for the process, the judge may rule in favor of the other parent.
  • Individuals will find it helpful to talk to other parents who have been through a custody dispute. A person should also realize every custody dispute is different. Taking this into account will help people seek the right steps for their needs.
  • Whether a person has custody now or is fighting for it, parents need to make sure they spend time with their child. The judge is going to take into account the relationship between both parents and the child. How involved is each parent? Who spends more time with the child? Which parent is more involved in the child’s school and extracurricular activities?
  • Individuals should consider paying child support even if they are seeking full custody. Having a good track record of paying child support is essential. Failing to pay for a child’s support, even if the arrangement is informal, could make the judge concerned.
  • Parents must make sure they keep track of all visitations with the child. Non-custodial parents should document any problems with the other parent. If the other parent will not allow visitation, the non-custodial parent should inform the judge.

Do Not Wait to Take Action

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is waiting too long to seek legal help for their child custody case. Things can progress quickly during a custody battle. When parents get legal help from the very beginning, they are more likely to make effective moves that will benefit the outcome of the custody case.

Even if a person feels the process will remain amicable, parents should at least schedule a consultation appointment with a lawyer. The lawyer becomes an advocate for the client and will fight for their custody rights to ensure a fair outcome.


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