10 Benefits From 12v Led Garden Lighting


Low voltage 12v led garden lighting has many advantages over a 120-volt system. If You’re not sure why 12-volt landscape lighting is better than a 120-volt system, we have collaborated with industry experts like Fusion Lighting to change your view.

10 Benefits From 12v Led Garden Lighting

What’s 12-Volt Lighting?

Before we dive into the benefits of 12-volt lighting, let’s first define what it means. You might be unfamiliar with 12-volt lighting if you are new to landscape lighting. A low-voltage lighting transformer converts 120 volts from your house into 12 volts. This is the most common type of outdoor lighting.

The Benefits of 12-Volt Outdoor Lighting

A 12-volt lighting system not only uses less energy than systems with higher voltage, but is also safer and more simple to install.

1. Safety First

Our lighting is safe for your children and pets. You and your curious pets will not be in danger. You are safe, too. You can touch, interact, and even install our system safely. Low-voltage allows you to install lights even while the system is in use.

In-lite 12-volt outdoor lighting fixtures feature LEDs, which are durable, waterproof, and non-toxic. This is the best way to light up your outdoor space.

2. What a bright idea!

The 12-volt light output is the same as 120-volt lights. Therefore, brightness is not affected. Our biggest lights can project light for up to 30ft.

3. Are You Concerned About Water?

Although a 12-volt outdoor lighting system doesn’t require the same connection method as a 120-volt system (just in case), our Easy_ connector has a special gel that provides extra protection from moisture and other external influences.

4. We challenge you to change it up

These are the lights you need if you love to change. You can easily adjust your lighting design. Simply twist the Easy-Lock connector and reconnect it to another place. You can move your lights multiple times and this won’t cause any damage to the cable.

5. All you need is love (and an electrical outlet)

To set up 12-volt outdoor lighting, you don’t even need an electrician. It is easy to install the transformer.

6. We Dig It

You’ll dig it, pun intended. But you don’t need to use a shovel. You don’t have to bury low voltage cable deep under the ground. It can be placed under paving, or even a thin layer soil or mulch.

7. Not all who wander are lost

You can terminate the 12-volt cable anywhere. Seriously. You can finish the job by either installing sealing caps (included in the transformer), or wrapping with electrical tape.

8. Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better

Our heavy-duty cables can reach 262.5 feet in your yard. You can add fixtures further from the cable location by connecting a CC-2 cable connector. This will provide up to 50 watts.

9. Take it one step at a time

Are you unsure of what exactly you will need? Are you unable to decide which lights are best for your backyard? You don’t have enough money to complete your entire backyard in one go. As many lights as you want can be added to your garden design easily and continually.

10. You Choose

Lighting can be used for almost any purpose. Lighting can be used to illuminate large trees or line pathways. It can also bring attention to your plants and create a romantic ambience around your outdoor space. You can choose where your lights should go with inLite and watch your outdoor area transform.


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