5 Ways to Make Your Logo More Attractive


It’s a really competitive market, whatever your business. And there are a lot of things that go to survival. You want a good business strategy that is clearly going to incorporate a creative marketing agenda and a neat social networking plan, just to list a few things. You will have to keep up with late numbers and shout thoughts. You will need talented, collaborative and supportive staff. And you will need a logo. A symbol is an important part of your business because it is often the fastest way for your potential customers to recognize and identify you. Here are five ways to make your logo more attractive to potential customers.

5 Ways to Make Your Logo More Attractive

Know your audience

Just like any part of your business, once you design your own custom logo, you want your audience to be considered. Who are you trying to catch? What appeals to one group of individuals may never appeal to another group. Research the audience and what they like. Make sure your logo design contrasts with the tastes of the group. For example, you may choose to avoid placing a sparkle effect on a symbol to attract a stimulating audience.

Look for inspiration

The best logos are often the most exceptional, but that doesn’t mean they’re thoughts that popped up out of nowhere in someone’s mind. It all comes from one thing, so go looking for inspiration. Want a logo on your florist? Spend time in the botanical gardens. Want a logo for the furry hospital? You don’t know where inspiration will likely see you! once you got the idea, you can make a logo by using the online logo maker tool

Keep it simple

Okay, now you know your audience and you’ve been inspired and you’ve got an idea. You start to draw it. Maybe it involves several ideas. It may be a real work of art. But it may also be too complicated. The best logos have a basic simplicity that makes the message they send clear. Stay focused on the logo’s purpose. What are you trying to say about your business? Pick one thing and say it right.

Use only three colors or less

With very rare exceptions, the best logos use no more than three colors. It goes back to simplicity but has other reasons as well. Logos must be immediately recognizable, clear, and attractive, regardless of the design on which they are printed. They should also work well in color and grayscale, and using a large palette will make that difficult. So stick to three colors or less if you want to keep your customers’ attention.

Get feedback

Now that you’ve created a simple, thoughtful, and well-designed emblem with a transparent message, now is the time to get feedback from everyone possible. Ask your family and friends because of their contribution, and if you have any customers in the store, feel free to ask for theirs too. Listen to the comments but don’t feel pressured to take everyone’s advice. Remember to trust your instincts!


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