12 Hacks to Save More Money On 3D Logo Designing [2021 Guide]


Are you ready to execute that business idea you have in mind for so long? Have you thought about a logo that will represent your brand perfectly? If not, then don’t worry, there are multiple tricks that you can use to get your desired 3D logo design under budget. You can also hire professional agencies which offer best logo design services.

Logo designing is considered expensive, and startups allocated some part of their budget solely to logo designs. To help you out in this issue, in this article, we will tell you 12 hacks to save money on 3D logo designing.

12 Hacks to Save More Money On 3D Logo Designing

Writing Out A Brand Brief

If you are hiring a company to design a logo for your brand, ensure that you give them a brand brief. It can help the designers to understand your brand and design a logo that fairly represents what you are. It can help save your time and money as you will receive the perfect logo.

Colour Suggestions

You know your brand well, and you understand what colours you want to add to your logo. So, it is better to give colour suggestions so that your web designer will know what you are expecting. This can help you minimize the cost of hiring an expert for such a job.


If you are rebranding and you do not have much of a budget to get a brand new logo design, you can just ask a designer to make some changes to your existing logo. This way, you do not have to play a lot, and you will have a new logo. According to stats, 67% of small businesses will pay $500 for a logo design.

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Showing Preferences

If you have anything in mind or you liked a logo that you have seen online, show them to your designer. Let them know what you want and what type of design they should create. Do not waste your money and time by saying ‘design the best you can.’ Explain to them what you are expecting.

Looking For A Skilled Designer

Logo designing is not a piece of cake. So you need to be sure about whom you choose for this job. You should always prefer a designer with a great portfolio and relevant experience. A skilled designer will never disappoint you, and he will know work ethics as well.

Simple Is Better

Saving money is easy if you keep the design simple. Now we do not mean that you should get a flat design with no exceptional creativity. There are designers who know how to make simple yet innovative logos at low prices. Look for the ones who have created the best designs for their previous clients.

GrayScale Version

Grayscale logos cost low when it comes to printing business cards, banners, and other stuff. So make sure you ask your designer to give you both colour one and the grayscale one. Using a colourful logo is fun, but when you are on a tight budget, you should go for grayscale when printing necessary things.

Freelance Designers

Choosing a logo design company is a bit too much if you want to keep the cost low. One alternative is to hire a freelance logo designer for your project. This way, it is easier to save more money and have better control over your project as freelance designers are flexible with their work, and you can negotiate the cost with them. Moreover, communicating with a freelance designer is easier than communicating with an agency.

Hire A Student Learning Graphic Designing

Many skilled graphic design students are looking for clients to work for as they need to build their portfolio. It is the best way to save money. Even if you are just a startup, they will work for you. You both can benefit from this, and you won’t have to pay too much, and in some cases, you won’t have to pay anything.

Logo Design Software

There are tons of applications out there that can help you design your logo your way. You just need to input basic details about your brand, such as name, tagline, and select some preferences. The logo generator will generate some amazing designs for you. This way, you will have options to choose from. It is the best way to save money and focus on other important things that need funding.

Learn Some Skills

If you are eager and have the time, you can watch some online tutorials on how to create a logo using adobe illustrator. It is the best way to learn some skills and create your own logo. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself with your creation.

Draw It Yourself

You might be confused about it, but one amazing idea to save money is to draw your logo the way you want and click a picture. Edit it, so it looks clear and better, and use it as your logo. It is not an ideal tip. However, it can help you with some money. After all, you are at least getting a logo.

Wrap Up

We have told you so many ways to save money on logo designing. You can go for the one that suits you. However, whenever you are choosing a web designer separately or a top web designing company, you must see their previous projects to be sure about their work. It is possible that you have the budget for your logo design, but just because you have selected an unreliable designer or company, you can end up losing some money. Research as much as you can so you can make a well-informed decision.


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