5 Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child


Your job as a parent is to inspire the young ones and help them develop harmoniously. Besides teaching your child to be moral, polite, loving, caring, and smart, you’ve also got to educate them. The best place to start is by teaching them to read. Helping them develop an inner passion for this activity will positively affect other areas of their lives.

5 Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child

Reading is important, especially today, when our attention span continues to decrease due to technology. To help them develop a successful, accomplished life and access knowledge, try implementing some of the following advice into your home. Help your kid develop an inner love for reading and you’ve made the world a better place. Get them some good interesting books like The Great Gatsby.

1. Read to them from when they’re young

The best moment to start reading to your child is asap. According to research conducted by the University of Melbourne, reading to your child from an early age supports cognitive development, improves their ability to read any language, prepares them for academic success, increases their focus levels and imagination, and cultivates a lifelong love of reading. Plus, this activity will help you develop a special connection with your child and bond in ways you might have not before.

2. Keep it consistent

Practice makes perfect, so the more you read to them, the more interested they’ll become. The key is to keep repetition consistent, argues RushEssay writer, Joanne. That being said, you could read to them in the morning before or after breakfast, once they come back from kindergarten, and at night before bed.

Not only will this expand their creativity, but it’ll also help them create habits that stick. If you continue to read to them while they’re young, you’ll see that they’ll start doing it on their own once they grow up. That’s because their subconscious mind is used to this routine and wants to keep it going even when they become mature.

3. Don’t push them to do it

As much as you’d love to see your kids read all the time, don’t push them to do it, recommends Dan from UK best essays. If your kid is being pushed into doing something, (s)he will see it as an obligation, as a must. The reading process then transforms into a less pleasant activity and not an enjoyable experience. Pushing them to do something will not help in any way, so avoid that. Instead, have an open conversation about how awesome reading is!

4. Have books everywhere

You must purchase a library.

I’m kidding.

But the more books you’ve got in the house, the more your kids will want to read. As a Paperwritingpro enthusiast, I’m telling you – your kids will associate reading with the comfort of their house, and they’ll start loving it. They might even pick up random books from the shelf and skim through the content. Make sure you’ve got books in each room of the house, including their bedroom; and make sure you’re helping them understand why reading is essential.

5. Encourage them to ask questions

The next goal is to get them talking about their reading experience. Have an honest chat about their likes and dislikes. Ask them about the characters, the action, the set and setting of the stories they’re reading. Debate whether the protagonist was right or not. Ask questions about the features of the places presented. Try to understand what their favorite scenes were and why, recommends college paper help expert Gina.

Talking about books helps kids feel more enthusiastic about reading in general. You could even sign them up for a kids’ reading circle. This way, they’ll share their ideas with other kids, too!

Wrapping Up

To instill a love for reading in your child, start reading to them while they’re still young. Keep the reading ritual consistent but do not push them to do it. Let them make their own choices. Make sure you’ve got books everywhere in the house and encourage your children to ask questions. Keep communication open and see how their love for reading will slowly increase.


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