Truck Accident 101: It’s Common Reasons and Effects


Truck accidents can result in severe damage because of the size and weight of the commercial vehicles. After the accidents, a thorough investigation is conducted to rule out more specific causes. By learning about 18-wheeler accident laws, victims can determine who to file a lawsuit against and learn about their rights.

Truck Accident 101: It's Common Reasons and Effects

Exhausted Driving and Its Effects

Exhausted driving is the most prevailing cause of 18-wheeler accidents, and under the circumstances, the driver shouldn’t have been on the road. Accidents are often the result of overworked commercial drivers who are not getting adequate rest or aren’t getting time off between scheduled driving times. Unfortunately, many commercial drivers lose their lives to overscheduling and the inability to get adequate rest. Victims who need to get help after an accident start by contacting an attorney now.

Violating FMCSA Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues regulations frequently to cut down on the total number of 18-wheeler accidents. The current regulations require the drivers to take an eight-hour resting period after all 12- to 14-hour driving shifts.

They must record their driving hours in an electronic log book to present to investigators if the commercial driver is involved in an accident. After an 18-wheeler accident, the authorities must review the log book and determine if the cause of the accident was exhausted driving and FMCSA regulations violations.

Unbalanced Loads On Commercial Trucks

FMCSA regulations require all 18-wheeler drivers to stop at weigh stations during their driving schedule. If a weigh station is open, the drivers must stop. If they do not stop to weigh in, the driver is in violation of federal laws, and if an unbalanced load causes an accident, investigators determine if the commercial driver violated the laws. If they did, the trucking company is liable for the accident.

Driving Under the Influence

Many commercial drivers use stimulants to stay awake while driving for long hours. Unfortunately, some of the stimulants commercial drivers take are not legal. Illegal substances can allow drivers to stay awake for many hours, but these illegal drugs can also have adverse side effects that increase the risk of an accident. If the driver is guilty of a DUI, the victim could collect compensation through both criminal and civil cases.

What Economic Losses Can Victims Collect?

The economic losses of the victim depend on the severity of their accident injuries. The losses include medical expenses, auto repair costs, and lost wages. If the victim is unable to return to work, they could get lifetime earning replacement through a lawsuit.

When presenting the case to the court, the attorney must calculate all economic losses for the victim and include them in the claim. If the victim dies as a result of their injuries, their family can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company or truck owner.

Truck accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Victims of these accidents can file a legal claim to collect compensation for their economic losses. When investigating the accidents, there are several factors that must be evaluated, including violations of FMCSA regulations. Officers must determine the exact cause of the accident and determine if violations of the law contributed to or caused the incident. By hiring an attorney, the victim can determine the exact cause of the accident and identify the correct defendant for the lawsuit.


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