5 Benefits of Seeing a Child Orthodontist


A child orthodontist provides younger children with braces, retainers, or both. Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in the treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

5 Benefits of Seeing a Child Orthodontist

While general dentists typically treat all aspects of oral health, including cleaning teeth, filling cavities, and performing X-rays, orthodontists are equipped to treat issues with underdeveloped jaws, malpositioned teeth, and crooked teeth. Orthodontists can also fit full or partial dentures for older children who have lost baby teeth prematurely.

If your child needs braces, it might be time to consider seeing a child orthodontist rather than just a general dentist. Here are five reasons why:

1. Better Treatment Plans

A child orthodontist has a better understanding of the development process of younger children, giving them the unique ability to recognize certain irregularities earlier.

These professionals specialize in treating children’s teeth and jaws. Because of their extensive experience with pediatric orthodontics, they can provide better treatment plans than dentists. They also know the right time when they need to consult with a pediatrician for complex cases such as crossbites or thumb sucking.

2. Advanced Technology

Today, most orthodontic practices use advanced technologies in their treatment plans. These technologies include 3D imaging and computerized treatment planning. Such tools are essential in determining the best treatment plan for your child’s teeth and jaw.

Orthodontists are specialized in treating braces more efficiently than general dentists. It is because orthodontists have had more dental education and training than general dentists.

3. Improved Communication between Dentists and Orthodontists

Many dental practices now have an on-staff orthodontist to consult with other dentists regarding complex cases. It means that you no longer have to go to a separate orthodontic practice for treatment. Along with improving your convenience, this can also enhance the coordination of treatment between different dental practices. Before going to the orthodontist, don’t forget to check on your dentist to get the necessary help related to the health of your child and not allow decay of the teeth from the very beginning. If you are living nearby, try preventive dentistry in Reno.

4. Early Detection and Intervention

Seeing an orthodontist ensures early detection and intervention of problems related to tooth alignment and jaw discrepancies. It can help address issues at their earliest stages to treat later. Having said this, it is best to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist as soon as you notice issues with your child’s teeth or jaw.

Some orthodontists offer treatment after Invisalign has been placed. Even if your child has not had braces as a young child, they will still need to see an orthodontist for spacing and alignment once the Invisalign treatment is complete.

5. Prevention of Periodontal Problems

Children with healthy teeth and jaws are less likely to develop periodontal problems in the future. Dentists typically only recommend preventative care for issues such as plaque, cavities, and early signs of gum disease. Orthodontists can provide your child with a whole mouth cleanliness routine that helps prevent gum disease.

An orthodontist is an ideal candidate for treating your child’s teeth and jaw problems because of their advanced education, training, and experience.

They can also help detect potential tooth decay, gum disease, and premature jaw joint problems. You can ensure your child gets proper treatment to avoid discomfort by catching any potential problems early.

Now that you know, you should take time to find a child orthodontist for your children. An orthodontist specializes in the care and diagnosis of teeth and jaws. Orthodontists provide numerous benefits for children who need braces or other treatments related to their dental health.


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