4 Surprising Ways to Get US Residency


Being part of one of the greatest countries in the world is fantastic. Being a resident of the US can open so many doors and can provide you with lots of opportunities to live the best life you can. It is not necessary that you have to buy a home in the country to be the resident as you can rent an apartment also. There are so many options that you can pick out for rent in your budget in USA in different cities. For example average rent in Milwaukee, Washington and New York is not going to put a heavy hole in your pocket. Though you cannot expect very low rent in such a city that gives you so many facilities in health, education, transportation and job sector but still they are genuine and an average person can afford such rent with little efforts. It will provide the best life possible for your family, so what is holding you back from getting residency? If you are looking for some different ways to get residency then read on.

4 Surprising Ways to Get US Residency

1. Green Card Lottery

The US allocates a large number of diversity visas each year. You need to provide your full name, your birth date, your place of birth, and of course, your contact information, and you are then entered into a random draw. To get one of these visas you have to get more information and enter the Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery. If you win the lottery you get permanent residency and the right to work in the US. The good news is that your immediate family members will be provided with US visas too if you win.

2. Via Marriage

Marrying a US citizen is probably the quickest way to immigrate. Being in love always helps as does having a genuine interest and appreciation for the person you are marrying. Be aware that sham marriages can be seen from far away, and the US government and officials do not take lightly to those trying to get around the system by marrying into the US. So make sure you marry for the right reasons and not just for a visa.

3. Through Reuniting With Family

If you have family already residing in the US then they may be able to help you get residency. Although not a quick process to undertake ( it can take as little as a few months or a few years) it can be an accessible way to gain entry into the US. Ideally, to make the process simpler you would be applying with links to close family who are already settled within the US.

4. Claiming Asylum

You can get residency by claiming political asylum. You have to prove and show that you might face persecution in your home country. You need to apply for asylum within a year of arriving in the US and you have to prove and show that you face persecution against religion, race, political stance or opinion, or nationality. Claiming asylum is not as easy as it sounds and it would be best to speak to an immigration specialist to pursue this entry route.

The US has so much to offer so why wouldn’t you want to be part of the action as soon as you can. The size of the USA means that every area and state is different so when deciding how to get your US residency you should also start to think about which areas you would like to live in, and what you would do for work. Having the opportunity to make a new life for yourself is something you should not miss.


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