Expanding the Resort Business


Hard Rock is considering expanding its resort business. It’s going to happen on the Gold Coast, Australia. It came out earlier this month. Hard Rock plans to become the preferred developer of an integrated resort in the Gold Coast region along with Star Entertainment Group.

Expanding the Resort Business

Hard Rock manages the casino on its national American market and at the same time is known for quality online and fast withdrawal casinos in Australia. Despite the results and achievements, the company still aspires to international development and recognition. Before that, in the same year, the company was chosen as the preferred developer for an integrated spa system of large size in Tarragon. In addition, this company has been actively advocating the expansion of Japan’s recently legalized market. All this already shows its great potential.

Prerequisites for expansion

You may be wondering why there is talk of expanding the interactive resort business of Hard Rock’s gaming and Hotel Company. Such conversations and reports from local agencies came soon after the Queensland Minister of Tourism confirmed rumours that the state government was opposed to allowing the addition of poker and slot machines. This decision by Kate Jones argues that they have become very popular with locals on the coast. Thus, in the future, the Minister of Tourism plans to further increase the amount spent on slot machines. This amount was 27 million Australian dollars per month.

However, there are also positive reasons to expand the integrated resort business, as Minister Jones has stated that State Assessments have been carried out and according to them, despite the absence of poker machines, the government generally supports this idea. Its members do not even mind that this will take place in the most popular tourist area in the country. Before that, last year, the Government had already sought to attract international development and stimulate Australia’s tourism component. They wanted to implement this plan through global touring centres across the country, which would make it a top among visitors. Gold Coast was one of the preferred locations. However, the government now favours Hard Rock.

This desire on the part of the authorities is primarily because the country’s touring component is worth 25 billion Australian dollars. It is also helping to sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs. Hard Rock stated that it was intrigued by the whole Global Tourism Hubs program’s model.

Public opinion on the situation

The public was ambivalent about Hard Rock’s plans to expand the resort business. Anastasia Palashchuk, the Premier of Queensland, stated that the issue of creating a second casino had not even been considered, much less that to play it. In addition, local club companies, as well as most members of the Gold Coast community, have been extremely negative about this idea from Hard Rock. One of the reasons for this reaction was a statement made by Doug Flockhart, CEO of Queensland Clubs. He made a statement in the Gold Coast Bulletin. Doug Flockhart stated that a recent study had shown that the creation of a second casino would have a direct negative impact on 30 local clubs. In addition, it can even lead to their destruction. And indirectly, it can affect hundreds of clubs.

New York project by Hard Rock

It is also worth mentioning that the company has been preparing its project for New York for years. They plan to build a casino either in New York City or in its vicinity. This plan has been in preparation for seven years since it was announced. However, to implement this plan, they need the support of the electorate.


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