3 Simple And Best Ways to Change PNG file to SVG Vector


Yes, when your artwork involves PNG images and you don’t want them to become pixelated either they are viewed on a large display screen. Then, this is where you simply have to change PNG files to vector SVG vector images with the natural use of an online PNG to SVG converter. The reason why we are discussing this is that SVG images have a number of advantages over an ordinary PNG image. These may include SEO friendly nature of the image, scalability, and many other such characteristics that are very crucial in optimizing your website presence for sure.

Bear in mind that, unlike raster graphic files, SVG’s are vector in nature and automatically figure out the image pixels and are loaded with high color even if they are scaled up or down.

Here we listed a couple of best ways that let you transform one or multiple PNG images into vector SVG’s on both Windows and Mac OS. But before proceeding to particular converters, you should beware of some basics!

Let’s delve a little bit farther:

Why Convert PNG to SVG?

The most discussed reason to export PNG as SVG vector images are that SVG files are fully resolution-independent. Besides from PNG raster images, SVG files entirely retains the same quality not at all matter what screen resolution or also the size they’re being viewed at.

So, if your PNG images display blurry on a retina display, SVG vector images will still be loaded with high quality. So, it’s ideal to save PNG as vector SVG graphic file to retain the high-quality images. And, the source of theonlineconverter.com is an ideal and professional choice that provided the best version of PNG to SVG converter for free of cost.

How to Convert PNG to Vector SVG on Windows?

The Inkscape is an ideal PNG to SVG converter that provided you with simple steps for converting PNG files to SVG vector images on Windows Operating System:

  • You simply have to download and install Inkscape on your Windows computer
  • Then, you have to move to the File > Open and then simply choose the file option to open the box. This is the place where you require to open the PNG raster graphic that you aim to convert to SVG
  • Very next, you just require to make a click on the image import preferences box to swiftly bring the source photo to Inkscape, and leave the all the configurations as a defaults
  • This free PNG to SVG converter is loaded with different editing tools that allow you to make any alterations regarding the particular image (if required)
  • Now, it’s time to move to the given File option and make an instant click on the Save as option
  • At last, on the provided Select file to save to the box, you require to select a destination folder, and you should make sure that Inkscape SVG (*.svg) or just plain SVG (*.svg) is fully selected in the Save as type drop-down menu, and then you ought to tap on the Save to convert PNG to SVG vector option with this best converter

If these steps seem daunting behalf you, then you can search for any online PNG to SVG converter and lets it save png as SVG online for free of cost.

How to Convert PNG to SVG on Mac?

Now, get ready to explore how GIMP works as PNG to SVG converter, let’s find simple steps:

  • At first, you start with installing GIMP software on your Mac system and launch it, and just you need to drag the PNG raster image that you need to convert to SVG vector and drop it onto the main User Interface
  • Now, all you need to use any given selection tools from the source of this PNG to SVG converter to simply choose the portions of the particular image (or even the full photo) that you need to save as SVG vector file
  • Very next, you need to move to the Select menu option by using the provided menu bar that is at the top
  • Then, it’s the right time to make an instant click on the Path that lets you quickly create a path out of the selection
  • Right after, fetch the Paths pane of this PNG to SVG converter for Mac that is given on the right (and if the pane is not available yet, then simply ahead to the Windows >Dockable Dialogs, and click Paths), here you have to make a right-click on the path that you instantly created, and tap on the Export path
  • Very next, on the provided Export Path to SVG box, you simply need to type a name that is followed by .svg extension in the provided Name field, here you have to choose a destination folder from the given Places bar on the left side
  • Finally, the Save button of this PNG to SVG converter is ready to transform PNG file into SVG vector graphic without any quality distortion

How to Convert PNG to SVG Online?

No matter whether you’re using Windows, Mac, and Linux, the authorized source of theonlineconverter.com is always thereby providing the best version of PNG to SVG converter for free. The apparent reason for listing this site is that it lets you convert PNG into SVG in batch, which means it allows you to proceed with multiple file conversions at once. Take a look at how it works:

  • Type “theonlineconverter.com” into the browser
  • Once you reached this site, drag and drop your PNG files into the tool section of this PNG to SVG converter
  • Then, set the output illustration presets that is the high color, greyscale, black and white for SVGs
  • Hit Convert button
  • Save all converted SVGs at once by saving one-by-one files individually from the source of this PNG to vector SVG converter

Last but not the Least:

As we have gone through the best image format in the read above, we hope you may get advantage from PNG to SVG converter to transform normal dimensional pictures into higher resolution ones and let your site go in higher search engines presence.


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