3 Employee Burnout Statistics All Employers Should Know


If you own a business and have a bunch of employees who work for you, you obviously want them to come in and work hard every single day. The last thing that you want is for them to get into the habit of committing time theft on a regular basis.

But at the same time, you also don’t want the people who work for you to experience employee burnout. You should keep a close eye out for any employee burnout signs and figure out how to manage employee burnout effectively.

3 Employee Burnout Statistics All Employers Should Know

You should also be aware of a few employee burnout statistics. They’ll emphasize the importance of dealing with employee burnout within your workplace.

Here are three employee burnout statistics that should be on your radar.

1. About 75% of People Report Experiencing Employee Burnout Within the Last Year

According to an alarming survey that was conducted towards the end of 2020, just over three-fourths of American workers say that they’ve experienced employee burnout within the last year.

It’s worth noting that the last year has been different from most other years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have been forced to work from home, which has no doubt contributed to employee burnout at least a little.

But even still, the fact that about 75% of people have experienced employee burnout within the last year is troubling. It demonstrates how important it is for employers to look out for employee burnout signs.

2. Women Report Employee Burnout More Often Than Men

Both men and women have reported employee burnout over the last year at incredibly high rates. But the study that we just mentioned found that 80% of women said that they were burned out compared to 72% of men.

As a result of this, you should be very mindful of monitoring the employee burnout signs in the women who work for you. Employee burnout may be having a bigger impact on them right now than men.

Or it could just be that men aren’t reporting their employee burnout as often as women. Either way, you shouldn’t be shy about checking up on your employees to see if burnout is something they’re struggling with.

3. More Than One-Third of People Say That Increased Responsibilities Have Caused Employee Burnout

There are all kinds of things causing people to experience employee burnout these days. Everything from job security concerns to an insufficient amount of paid time off can cause it.

But as of right now, it seems as though increased responsibilities are the main factors to blame for the sudden increase in employee burnout. Just over one-third of people say that this is their major source of employee stress and burnout.

You should speak with your employees about any issues they might be having and tell them about how to avoid burnout at the workplace. The tips mentioned in that article could work wonders for them.

Start Helping Your Company’s Employees to Manage Employee Burnout Better

Employee burnout is a very real phenomenon. It’s something that is sweeping the nation and affecting almost all employers to some degree.

You should pay close attention to your employees and look for symptoms of employee burnout. It’ll put you in a position to provide your employees with the assistance they need.

Want to get more tips on running your business better? Search for them in some of the other articles posted on our blog.


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