20 Prettiest WordPress-Based Websites


WordPress is one of the most popular website-building platforms out there. With more than 40% of web pages being powered by it, it’s almost a household name in the platform business.

20 Prettiest WordPress-Based Websites

Whether you’re creating a portfolio, an e-commerce store, a business page, a site with religion essay topics, or a blog – it’s entirely up to you. WP supports any web page and offers help in the building process. It has many ways of doing so, including its quick and reliable customer support, online videos, and blog posts with professional solutions.

Let’s explore WordPress from a different perspective and realize how beautiful and engaging the WP sites can be. Here are 20 different pages that are said to be the prettiest ones. These can also inspire you if you feel a bit stuck in the site design process!

The Prettiest Sites on WordPress

The White House

You may not have expected this one to be on the list, but the official White House site deserves the first place. Its design is nothing too much; it’s sleek, simple, and clear. The info it has is ideally placed to catch the reader’s attention and inform them on any news regarding US politics.


99U by Adobe, a creative career source, features related collaborations, workshops, and informative blog posts. An inspiring and exciting interface makes you feel more than ready to roll up your sleeves and start creating.


Quantcast is a digital marketing solutions company, and it focuses on developing a new sense of advertising. With engaging videos, high-quality photos, and captivating data, this site deserves to be on the WP’s prettiest list.


NOVE focuses on public affairs and effective communication. Their site is really simple, including a small homepage and some action buttons. But the way it’s executed shows professionalism and high-end design.


A well-known news site, WIRED, covers tech trends that are or have been popular. It has a very simple design, with standard content boxes and geometrical features. You can learn about trends, AI, games, innovative ideas, and more.

The New Yorker

This site is packed with daily news, puzzles, games, and exciting stories. Its design is minimalist and lets you focus on the content. You can even become a contributor and help them grow!


Ruya is a branding, digital, and visualization agency. Scrolling through their site is highly engaging, with different colors and concepts seemingly jumping out of nowhere. That’s a high-quality design!

99% Invisible

This site is a promotional one for the most well-known podcast about general design. It counts more than 450 podcast episodes regarding different aspects of design. It’s a perfect interface for podcasts for its built-in podcast player.

Microsoft News

Probably one of the most popular global companies, Microsoft, has a news site! It’s designed carefully to fit with different new sources and news details. It’s effortless to navigate, and the news they provide is accurate and eye-catching.

OUAM Studio

This branding site from France is the most interactive so far. Scrolling down the page is almost like an adventure, with different pop-up stickers and animations providing a sense of fun and enjoyment. In other words, it’s a premium design!

Slack Blog

Slack is a blog about creative collaboration, the future of work, and general innovations. Using WordPress to build blogs is hugely influential, as you can write just about any topic, from digital news and tech improvements to essay topics on hierarchy of needs and even gardening tips! It’s incredibly versatile to go around.

BBC America

Another popular news source, BBC America, made its way to the list because of its masterful design and general feel. Designing news sites can be challenging, but BBC has done it well!

BORN Group

The BORN Group skillfully combines content, creativity, and commerce to drive change in the world. The site features fantastic design, short videos, cursor change, and so much more. Talk about the beauty of WordPress!


As a French multinational mass media site, it has much more to it than just press information. It’s packed with gorgeous photos and videos, clever transitions and animations, and interesting info of all kinds. This could be a great inspiration for your project!


This famous beauty and fashion site features captivating design and sleek performance. It’s a pretty simple yet effective one to go with, not to mention the fashion posts and beautiful photos.

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is known to help small businesses compete in the same market as the big ones! They power more than 17 million websites and offer valuable plugins for you to try. So, if you want to step up your business game, reach out to this global community and create a new business future!


Protest is a Holland company founded in 1993, and its page features incredible fashion collections, designs, looks, and ideas. It’s designed perfectly for an online shop and has features that go just right with it!


This creative web studio focuses on creating elegant web pages that reflect the genius behind them. With more than ten years in the industry, the creators specialize in an effective, practical, and simply gorgeous design that engages and impresses.


10up focuses on building finely crafted websites and providing tools for different types of content creators out there. They’ve helped many famous clients, like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and ESPN. You can hire them to help you with your design or provide new and exciting ideas!

Animal Logic

One of the world’s leading and independent creative digital studios, Animal Logic, has been in the world of design, visual effects, and animation for the past 30 years. This web location is enjoyable; it has different illustrations and fun examples of previous work.

Final Thoughts

Creating beautiful pages has never been easier and more fun. WP deliberately guides you through the process, making it much more manageable and exciting.

If you want to start creating, feel free to use any beautiful site you spot as an inspiration. Get ready to put a lot of time into design, invest in domain names, and learn about search engines! The journey will be more than worth it.


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