11 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol


Do you remember having your first glass of alcohol? That first glass was not your last one because the temptation urged you to have more and more.

The majority of the harmful things for our health tend to be tempting and difficult to abstain from. Whether it’s chocolates or alcohol, their excess is bad. The latter will not only make you an addict, but it also holds power to control your actions and behavior.

11 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Drinking habits start from a glass in seven days to seven glasses in a day. It affects not only your physical, mental health but destroys your personal life. If you are still doubting whether to quit alcohol or not, you need to read out this article for some mind-boggling reasons to quit alcohol.

Without further ado, here are reasons you should stop drinking:

• Alcohol is Addictive

The addictive nature of alcohol makes it unbearable to survive without it. It means you start depending on alcohol, but in reality, it starts controlling your mood, actions, and desires. Alcohol addicts are undesirable in any workplace, but they also tend to become a threat to society because of their triggering reactions to things.

Addicts who wish to leave alcohol for good can look for free resources or guides online explaining how to stop alcohol addiction by following simple processes. Looking for help in this digital age is easy; just use the internet to find the solution to the problem.

• Save Money

Earning money is not a piece of cake. You might not realize, but you are spending too much of your salary on alcohol. If you stop drinking, you could save your money and do some positive things with it. The money spent on buying liquor bottles could be invested in a business plan or just save that money for a vacation or your higher education.

• Save your Liver

If you are a heavy drinker, you are most likely to suffer liver damage. Acetaldehyde found in alcohol is highly toxic and causes irreversible harm to a healthy liver regardless of age. By quitting alcohol, you can save your liver and live a healthy life.

Each time you drink alcohol, liver cells die because it filters the alcohol. The liver develops new cells. However, prolonged drinking habits will curb its ability to regenerate its cells.

• Sleep Well

Who doesn’t wish to have a good, peaceful sleep? But do you know that alcohol drinkers have trouble sleeping? Drinking habits disturb your sleeping patterns. In addition, hangovers are among the foremost reasons people show up late at the office or completely forsake their job. If you stop drinking, you could get some well-needed shut-eye that would help you to feel energized.

• Better opportunities at Work

Everyone wants to be their best at work and grab better opportunities by being proactive and vigilant. However, alcohol tampers with your mood as well as executive functions. If you want that promotion or deal, you need to quit alcohol because it would ultimately help you focus and remember everything clearly. You won’t lose your cool at work, and things will be under your control.

• Improve Relationships

Quitting alcohol is more rewarding than you could ever imagine. For starters, nobody likes to hang out with drinkers and addicts. When you stop drinking, your friends, family, and colleagues start seeing the real you. The personality change has a positive impact on everyone that helps in developing meaningful bonds. Mind you, these relations and the care that comes with them are much-needed in life.

• Live Longer

Everyone wants to enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life with their family and friends. Cutting down on alcohol means you are indeed getting more years to live and enjoy. Alcohol comes with abundant cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
In addition, alcohol also makes us lazy, and eliminating it from your life means having a healthier and fit body. Protect your well-being and say no to alcohol.

• Causes Depression

Alcohol is specifically known for stimulating depressive instincts in humans, leading to sadness and anxiety. Therefore, most drinkers cannot find happiness, and depression takes over their entire lifestyle. It would be best if you stopped drinking to avoid depressive episodes and the impulsiveness that it brings along. It is harmful to you physically and mentally.

• Maintain Physical Appearance

Alcohol has an adverse impact on one’s physical appearance. It is among the common reasons for obesity, baldness, skin damage, and wrinkles. If you are drinking heavily and starting to show any of the signs mentioned above, now is the time to put an end to it. It is better to take precaution before things get worse.

• Not Cool

There is a common belief that drinking makes people look cool, especially teenagers. If you think so, then please stop drinking already. Alcohol only makes you look foolish enough to risk your health and the safety of others. It’s not cool to drink and lose your temper. It would ruin your reputation and make you the bad person in every social circle.

• Does Not Solve Problems

People believe that drinking alcohol will solve their problems or help them get over a death of a loved one. It is nothing but a delusion. Liquor would only cause you a problem. You need to fix your life by giving up this toxic liquid and prioritizing your health. There are healthy ways to get rid of your problems.


Alcohol consumption is not good for your health, money, personal and professional life. It will not solve any of your problems; rather, it will increase them. It is pertinent to mention here that we lose 95,000 precious lives in a year due to alcohol. You can save yourself by quitting alcohol right now. It is always hard to stop whatever you are addicted to; it becomes even more difficult when related to drinking or eating. However, if you focus on the negative aspects of alcohol addiction, you will start to feel that you should get rid of it.

Hope this article helps you get rid of alcohol addiction and encourages you to live a healthy life. Happy Reading.


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