10 Manual Tasks That Omatic Can Help Automate for Nonprofit Database Managers


Omatic cloud-based data integration software is designed to facilitate nonprofit workflows. This nonprofit data management solution makes it easier to automate many routine manual tasks across all of the systems in use at an organization. Here are 10 tasks that database managers may want to automate to streamline workflows.

10 Manual Tasks That Omatic Can Help Automate for Nonprofit Database Managers

Omatic Cloud Will Automatically Check For Duplicate Data

The automated deduplication feature of Omatic Cloud can quickly resolve multiple instances of constituent records. Nonprofit database managers no longer have to spend time and effort sorting out the best information to obtain more accurate and complete data.

Automatically Match, Clean & Standardize Your Data

Nonprofits using more than one system for donor relationship management, fundraising, marketing and engagement may end up with different datasets on each platform. An integrated constituent portal makes it possible to improve the quality of data and quickly access records.

Automate Data Imports and Exports Across Platforms

In addition to connecting platforms, Omatic allows nonprofit database managers to automate one-way or bidirectional data transfers between systems. Integration software can be crucial to this process, as is a Raiser’s Edge import guide.

Save Custom Queries To Run Again

Saving queries is not technically automation, but QueryOmaticcan spare database managers a lot of frustration. This utility makes it possible to improve Raiser’s Edge NXT queries, group queries by category, department, purpose, or user, and mark favorite queries.

Export Donation and Accounting Data

If you prefer to use nonprofit accounting software other than Financial Edge, PostOmatic can connect Raiser’s Edge to external accounting systems. This integration makes it possible to automate the transfer of records as needed at any point in a workflow.

Import Contacts From External Applications

Importing contact records or data for existing contacts can be more tedious and time-consuming without integration software. Omatic can consolidate data from most of the significant CRMs and web-based applications used by nonprofits.

Export Raiser’s Edge Contact Information

Getting information out of Raiser’s Edge is more accessible when an organization uses a data integration solution. This platform uses proprietary file types and is less compatible with external platforms than other nonprofit constituent relationship management systems.

Supply Needed Data To Any Platform

Omaticis can integrate flat-style data files and other information and supply information to the platform where it is needed. This platform provides solutions to whether or not resources are available for the software in use.

Comprehensive Queries and Segmentation

The availability of centralized records makes more complete searches of records possible. Most nonprofit CRMs have segmentation features, but integration software makes it possible to use a broader range of selection criteria and access records across systems.

Automate Processes In Bidirectional Integrations

A cloud-based data integration solution opens the door to automation solutions across platforms. Nonprofit database managers can set up imports and exports to and from supported platforms to take place automatically.

Automating any or all of these tasks can help maintain nonprofit data management best practices. Functions that automatically occur can reduce human error and ensure the availability of high-quality donor data across systems.


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