Why The Cost of A 30-Day Addiction Rehab is More Than Worth It


Addiction is a quite common problem in today’s society, whether we want to admit it or not. Click here to know more about addiction. The biggest problem in dealing with it is the fact that not all people have access to treatments to solve it, and not everyone pays for a health insurance policy, something that can reduce costs and facilitate processes linked to the most efficient addiction treatment: Rehabilitation.

There is another problem, too and not everyone believes in the efficiency of rehab ordoes not want to pay for it. Even if they do eventually want to pay, they might not know how to pick the right program for their cases.

Because of the true nature of addiction, this is a quite common situation, even more since a lot of addicts do not usually admit the fact that they have a problem, to begin with, or do not receive the support of family and friends to take the initial step to engage in rehabilitation.

But when the individual dealing with the problem does desire to change for the better, aiming to receive a rehab treatment is possibly the best approach. Yet, going through addiction rehab involves a few challenges difficult to assess at the beginning of the treatment, and this is usually why the treatment can range from different timeframes, commonly relying on:

● 30 days treatment
● 60 days treatment
● 90 days treatment

Now, some people might argue that a 60-day or the 90-day rehab treatment are the most reliable ones, and although this is true to a certain extent, it depends entirely on the patient being treated. However, you may want to try to search online first for “30-day rehab centers near me” as it is more cost effective, and this could also be a trial period if this will be enough time for your treatment. You can then extend to a longer rehabilitation if deemed required.

A 30-day treatment is the most affordable option of them all, however, is it actually worth the price, considering that a 60- or 90-day treatment might be more efficient? Well, let us talk about the basics before we decide.

Understanding Both Addiction and Rehab

Addiction is both a physical and a mental condition. Mentally speaking, it creates an overwhelming dependency to consume a certain substance, like drugs (Legal or illegal) and alcohol, and this dependency can overwrite other important aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as socializing, a good diet, responsible behaviors related to studies and work, while at the same time stimulating self-destructive practices.

Physically, it creates a dependency because of the effects of the substance. In the case of alcohol, for example, it creates a dependency because of the way it influences the body to be involved with motivation, pleasure, and happiness. The more the person consumes alcohol, the more it will need to create the same effect, and the more the side effects accumulate, eventually reaching a point of tolerance, worsening the situation as time passes.

You can learn more about alcoholism over at https://www.healthline.com/health/alcoholism/basics, in case you are interested!

It is also quite common for a person to believe that they need the substance at fault to feel “normal” or “well-enough” to deal with life and its many trials, thus, demonstrating the wide range of factors influencing how addiction can affect a person.

This is why rehabilitation is essential for overcoming it. Rehab usually involves a wide range of medical practices, all for the goal of surpassing the need of consuming the substance, and at the same time, detoxing the body from it for the sake of long-term success, even after the treatment has finished.

These practices do vary, as mentioned earlier, but might involve things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or counseling, group therapies, meditation, and activities that can greatly reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. On the same note, it provides tools and practices to help people handle withdrawal symptoms more efficiently.

Why 30-DayRehab Are Worth It

They say that to implement a routine in your lifestyle, you must try for at least a month, and this is also the case for any rehabilitation treatment: It needs at least 30 days to provide remarkable results.

Since most rehab treatments involve creating healthy routines meant to help the patient handle their problems with the addiction, 30-day rehab treatments are usually the most common approach. But there is something to consider: A 30-day rehab also provides specialists enough insight to decide whether 30 days will be enough or not, thus, making it easier to take another approach if needed.

Considering that it is the most affordable option as well, as long as the person received a diagnosis and is in a situation where 30 days of rehab is enough, it might be the best option to pick from all the alternatives available in the market. Several health insurance policies also provide coverage for 30 to 60 days of rehabilitation, making it even easier for those who enjoy the benefits of a health insurance policy.

Generally speaking, 30 days are also enough to provide the person with enough guidance to make a long-term change in their lives, which usually sticks long enough for the person to be completely freed from the dependency, as well as negative thoughts involving it.

Even then, it is important to note that addiction and rehab are extremely complicated, and the person receiving the treatment does need to put a lot of effort in the process to properly change themselves. Consistency, discipline, and self-control are the most important tools someone going through an addiction needs to properly deal with the journey, thus, the rate of success of the treatment also depends on the person being treated.

This is why some rehab procedures that last 30 days also involve intern rehab, which provides a very safe environment for the person to develop their skills, receive counseling, and slowly but steadily overcome their addiction until remaining sober is not a challenge anymore.

For this particular reason, choosing the right treatment is more important than choosing the right timeframe, and why it is recommended to take enough time to research and contact enough facilities and professionals until a verdict is provided.


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