Why Serverwala’s VPS Canada is Best for eCommerce Websites?


When you run an eCommerce website, you are required to put your focus on various things. Moreover, it becomes next to impossible to prioritize one thing over another. However, the fundamental element that you must consider is the hosting server.

The right web hosting performs a critical role in defining the success of an eCommerce business. For example, the underlying technology of hosting highly impacts the speed of your eCommerce website. And, speed is critical for consumer satisfaction and search engine optimization. This is just one of the various aspects where web hosting imparts its influence.

Why Serverwalas VPS Canada is Best for eCommerce Websites

Thus, here we will talk about how VPS Canada can be the perfect choice for hosting your online business. Your eCommerce Website will perform smoothly with Serverwala’s Canada VPS thanks to outstanding server features, 99.9% Uptime, Full Root Access, and much more. Let us begin with knowing the VPS benefits over the shared server, which is the most common hosting choice of users.

Advantages of VPS Canada over Shared Hosting for your eCommerce Store

The virtual private server is based on the virtualization technology. When the apportioning of the physical server is done through Hypervisor software, multiple virtual private servers are formed. Each VPS functions distinctly and is provided to the different individual users. Further Here we are comparing VPS with the shared server based on different factors of hosting.

Hosting environment

The shared server provides a shared hosting environment. Your eCommerce website needs to share the server space with other neighbor websites.

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) provides an independent and isolated hosting environment. Your website acquires the virtual and separated hosting space, despite sharing the physical server space with other websites.

Thus, unlike in a shared server, your website functions cannot be interrupted by other websites with VPS Canada. So, you get high reliability from virtual private server hosting.

Web Resources

In the shared server hosting, your website needs to share the same server resources with other websites.

Whereas in Canada VPS hosting, your website gets the required and independent web resources. In fact, each VPS formed on the physical server achieves its own needed web resources.

Therefore, unlike in shared server hosting, your resources cannot be taken away by other websites during traffic peaks with VPS hosting. So, virtual private server hosting enables your website to work at a consistent speed.

IP address

In the shared server hosting, your website shares the same IP address with other neighbor websites.

On the other side, your website can attain a dedicated IP address with VPS Canada. The unique IP address enables your web business to build a distinct identity over the web. Further, your website will not be recognized for the inappropriate functions of other websites.

Thus, you can make sure that your eCommerce website achieves a better SEO ranking with VPS hosting. The better the ranking is, the much you can drive the web traffic towards your website.

Hosting flexibility

The shared server hosting renders certain limitations on installing applications, software, and programs. Also, you need to run your website with the same operating system as your hosting provider is using to run the server.

In contrast, you get the right to install any applications, software, and programs with VPS Hosting Canada. You can also choose to run the preferred operating system on your server.

Hence, no doubt, you can attain high flexibility with VPS Hosting Canada while hosting your eCommerce website.

Overview of Canada VPS Hosting by Serverwala

We have learned through previous sections that VPS hosting renders numerous benefits to run the eCommerce website efficiently. Thus, it becomes crucial to pick a reliable hosting provider who can make you access all those benefits. Moreover, you must get enough support from your hosting provider in case you encounter any server issues. Also, when it comes to eCommerce business, you surely do not want to lose your potential and existing customers due to any server glitch.

Let us brief you about the Serverwala hosting company renowned for rendering the best VPS hosting Canada.

Brief Introduction about Serverwala

Serverwala falls on the list of top-leading hosting companies in the industry. It has achieved numerous recognized awards for providing world-class hosting facilities. It renders the VPS Canada at the cheapest price and with top-tier equipment. Dive into the subsequent segments to acquire the details about the Serverwala VPS features and plans.

Specifications of VPS Hosting Canada

● Security-as-a-Service

Your website can have standard and advanced data protection with VPS Canada. Serverwala integrates various security features in order to secure your website from data breaches and cyber threats. For instance, your website can acquire SSL security, ultra-secure firewalls, antiviruses, DDoS protection, etc.

● Self Service Portal

You will get the self-service portal with the company’s VPS hosting plan. This will enable you to execute varied functionalities and routine activities simultaneously. For instance, the actions may incorporate restart, stop reload, change password, and other functionalities.

● Supermicro’s Chassis

You will get a reliable and robust state-in-class processor. Moreover, for the effective maintenance of your VPS Canada, you will acquire the SuperMicro blade.

● Full Root Access

You will also have root access to your virtual private server. This will permit you to configure and customize your server anytime with utmost ease.

● 99.9% Uptime Network

Your website will achieve superfluous power and continuous secure channels with VPS hosting. And, with this high-tech network flexibility, it will be able to have maximum uptime and zero downtime. Furthermore, the company also ensures the monthly data transfer up to 10 TB and network speed up to 1 GBPS.

Plans and Prices of Linux and Windows VPS in Canada

The Serverwala company offers highly flexible and cheap VPS Canada plans. The basic Canada VPS Plans start from just $10. You can scale up the resources and services as per the demand of your eCommerce website. Moreover, you can run any of the two popular operating systems at the base of your virtual private server, it can be either Linux or Windows VPS Canada. Fortunately, the company renders its technical support 24/7 with each VPS hosting plan or package. The professionals of the company possess expertise in their respective fields. And, they provide quick and smart solutions to every problem.

Final Thoughts

Your eCommerce business can acquire the potential of a dedicated server and flexibility of cloud servers with the Serverwala VPS hosting. Moreover, you can connect with the company’s experts to further details about VPS Canada. They are available round-the-clock through the customer assistance service of the company. Or, you can also visit the company’s informational website for more information – https://serverwala.com/vps-canada.


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