Modern Education vs. Traditional Education 10 Reasons to Start E-Learning


Traditional learning can be a hassle. Of course, it has its perks, but imagine this: waking up by 6.30 am to attend an 8 am class, followed by subsequent classes that last till 3 pm. This is something almost everyone who has engaged in traditional learning can relate to.

Modern Education vs. Traditional Education 10 Reasons to Start E-Learning

You may have found the rigidity of traditional learning and the stress that accompanies it displeasing. This article may just be the hand that pushes you to start e-learning. Before getting down to business, let us examine what these terms entail.

What is Traditional Education?

Traditional education is a form of education whereby a teacher or instructor physically imparts knowledge to their students in a classroom setting. Teachers at best dissertation writing service are of the opinion that with traditional education, all students are on a one-way track.

Though primitive, traditional education is relevant in certain aspects. Some of its advantages are:

  • Active learning. The students have the opportunity of meeting and discussing face to face with their instructors.
  • It helps with socializing.
  • Some majors can’t be taught without practical classes.

The setbacks of traditional education include:

  • Its rigidity: Students are to work with a stiff schedule.
  • Cost: Paying tuition fees might deal a huge blow to your finances as if this is not enough, some students have to go the extra mile to afford it. You might end up having to take loans to pay your tuition and also spend your early years as a salary earner paying your student loan debts.
  • Generalization. Students are taught the same thing. Academics at assignment writing services deplore that students do not have the discretion to solely pick their course of interest.

Modern Education/ E-Learning

This is a new and efficient mode of imparting knowledge that is not getting as much buzz as it should. Modern education is a visual learning method that fosters independence and flexibility. With this, you can take as many courses as you can that fit into your schedule. Scholars at pay someone to do an assignment say that the basic difference between traditional education and modern education is one entails being physically present in a classroom setting while the other involves you sitting in front of your laptop or other devices to learn.


  • It saves time and money. No expensive tuition, accommodation fees, travel expenses. You also get to save time you would’ve spent on a commute.
  • It is flexible. With e-learning, you can schedule your classes around your daily life, not the other way around. You can attend classes from the comfort of your home.
  • Personalized experience. E-learning is more student-focused than the traditional method. Here, students have the discretion to offer just the courses they have an interest in.


  • Isolated learning. You are by yourself, and you have to be disciplined because no one is going to be hot on your heels to take your classes seriously.
  • As you are not in a quiet classroom setting, you might be easily distracted by the happenings in your surroundings, your mind, or even your phone.
  • Not all majors can be taught online.

Are you still torn as to which is the better option? Here are ten reasons why you should start e-learning.

  1. You can take the lectures as many times as you want and also revisit materials.
  2. In comparison to getting traditional education, it is less stressful. You can receive lectures from the comfort of your home.
  3. Your lectures are self-paced and personalized. You do not have to eat all three layers of the cake when all you want is the chocolate-flavored part. You get to pick your area of interest.
  4. It is cost-effective. Bye to extra costs that come with paying tuition, getting accommodation, and travel expenses.
  5. Careers advancement. You can take online classes to advance your career or even switch careers.
  6. With e-learning, your life doesn’t have to revolve around school. It gives you a lot of spare time to engage in other activities.
  7. Attendance. You don’t have to miss a class because of unpredictable situations. You can schedule your lectures for when it’s convenient.
  8. You are unaffected by unexpected circumstances, like the pandemic.
  9. Improve your technical skills. Taking online classes may require the bare minimum of tech knowledge, which is something essential in today’s world.
  10. Yes, e-learning is great. However, if you’re still skeptical about it because you’ve placed traditional education on a pedestal, you do not have to quit school. You can always do both.

In Conclusion

No matter how you look at it, e-learning is a great choice. It hardly takes anything from you but gives you a lot of benefits. What’s better than having diverse courses at your fingertips? Having diverse courses at your fingertips that you can conveniently take. Why don’t you start e-learning today?


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