What’s the Latest in Cosmetic Surgery?


Cosmetic surgery is an industry that is constantly evolving. In 2019, 11.36 million cosmetic surgeries were performed worldwide. There were an additional 13.6 million non-surgical procedures, in the form of thread face lifts, dermal filler injections, CoolSculpting and more, performed throughout the world during this same year. As years pass, more procedures are identified, allowing people to make changes and enhance their looks in a variety of ways. Some of the new techniques are new takes on already existing procedures.

What's the Latest in Cosmetic Surgery


Also referred to as ultrasonic rhinoplasty, this procedure allows you to make changes to your nose without the need for chisels and hammers like with a traditional nose augmentation. Instead, the doctor uses an ultrasonic device to reshape your nose.

The device is able to tune into highly precise frequencies so that it only acts on bones and not the other structures of your nose. Because of this, you do not have to worry about issues, such as blood vessel or tissue damage. Due to the protection of surrounding structures, you will have a very small risk of bruising and virtually no risk of bleeding.

Overall, recovery is much faster compared to traditional rhinoplasty. On average, you will have a cast and stitches for about a week. Once these are removed, the swelling is minimal. This method is also said to be more precise, allowing you a greater chance at getting the results that you want.

Lip Lifts

If you want a more permanent solution to fuller and lifted lips, this procedure is an option. You also will not need to have multiple touchups like you usually do with lip fillers.

During this procedure, the doctor will reduce the space between the top of your top lip and your nose. This results in lips that are more pronounced and fuller. If you prefer more lift over volume for your lifts, this is a procedure that you might consider. For example, if your upper lip is thinner that your lower lip and you want to create more evenness between them, this procedure can offer a permanent solution.

During this procedure, you are generally given a local anesthetic, so you are not put to sleep. It is often done in a doctor’s office instead of an operating room. For about a week after the procedure, you can expect to have stitches and some bruising is possible.

3D Facelift

There are several different types of facelifts that you can explore to address the signs of aging. As the years pass, it is common for the skin to start to sag and lose its fullness and elasticity. The 3D facelift is an option if you want to use your own fat to lift your cheeks to restore the heart-shaped face that is characteristic of youth.

During the procedure, the doctor will take fat and tissue from the lower facial area and transfer it to your cheekbones. This allows for the restoration of volume without the change being severely noticeable like it can with a traditional facelift.

Since it uses your own fat and may be done under local anesthesia instead of putting you to sleep, the risk of swelling and bruising is not as high. The recovery period also tends to be faster compared to a traditional facelift.

EmSculpt Body Contouring

This is a noninvasive method for helping to sculpt the body. It works to break down fat and build muscle via the use of highly-focused electromagnetic energy. This is generally performed on the buttocks and abdomen. This type of body contouring is ideal for those who want to improve muscle definition and target stubborn fat while having a relatively normal body mass.

During the procedure the machine may cause a pulling sensation, but it is not painful. It takes an average of 20 to 40 minutes to complete a treatment. Since this is a noninvasive treatment, there is no recovery time. You are able to resume your normal activities after your treatment is completed. Some subtle results may be noticeable right away, but it takes an average of three months to see the full results.

Hybrid Breast Augmentation

During this type of breast augmentation, the doctor uses both fat grafts and an implant to reconstruct the breasts. To obtain the fat that is grafted, the doctor will use liposuction to pull it from another area of your body, such as your belly, thighs or buttocks.

Since it combines a fat transfer and an implant, it allows for better camouflaging of deformities, irregular contours and thin soft tissue coverage. Overall, the end result is typically more optimal compared to other breast augmentation procedures. Research shows that the fat grafting element could help to improve the results.

Cosmetic Injectables

There are some new injectables hitting the market for skin-rejuvenating and natural results. The following are the ones getting the most attention:

HArmonyCa: This filler is intended for the facial soft tissues for plumping and augmentation.

Hydryal: This is an injectable that can increase the natural glow of your skin and enhance your skin’s elasticity.

Crystalys: This one helps to encourage the natural production of collagen. It works to provide natural-looking contours and restore facial volume.

Hydralix: This is intended to sculpt and lift the face by filling in the intended areas.

UtopyHA: This filler has three hyaluronic acid phases to help plump and contour the face. Compared to similar options, it is longer lasting.

Exploring these new techniques gives you a better look into what cosmetic surgery has to offer. Whether you prefer a less invasive option or a surgical procedure, there are choices so that you can find the results that you desire.


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