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Who needs to take carbimazole capsules

One of the most recognized medicines for treating and fighting thyroid disorder resulting in a speedy heartbeat and a boosted rate of metabolism (hyperthyroidism) is carbimazole. Patients who have been prescribed this type of drug can purchase carbimazole capsules in Kennedy’s Pharmacy at affordable prices.


It is imperative to consult your doctor first to design an individualized thyroid curing scheme, get the most from your therapy, and find out possible unwanted side effects that may occur and include:

  • Headache and sensations of spinning around (dizziness);
  • Joint pain;
  • Nausea and a feeling of sickness;
  • Rash, redness, and itching on a person’s skin.

Although not everyone will experience these secondary and typically undesirable effects of this medication, it is still important to be aware of all side effects before starting the treatment course. Thus, if you have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid gland and carbimazole has become a part of your curing plan, you can also buy the drug using the pharmacy delivery service. Kennedy’s Pharmacy has taken care of each client who cannot personally visit the drug store and offers convenience and prompt delivery of the required remedy.

Signs of an overactive thyroid

Due to hyperthyroidism, a patient experiences an increase in the level of hormones in the blood which, in turn, accelerates metabolic processes in the body and has a negative effect on almost all organ systems. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism reduce the patient’s quality of life and deteriorate well-being. Noticing some warning signs and symptoms, such as apathy and tiredness, muscle weakness, stiffness in movement unreasonable loss of body weight, increased sweating, minor tremor of fingers and hands, pain or discomfort in the stomach, don’t self-medicate, and don’t start taking carbimazole capsules or tablets without consulting your primary care doctor or endocrinologist. The mentioned above common signs are signals that your thyroid function is impaired and you require immediate attention and comprehensive medical care. Moreover, ignoring the condition, some complications may develop:

Cardiac rhythm disturbances. A heart issue, such as an irregular or abnormally fast heart rate, can be added to the category of hyperthyroidism symptoms. An individual does not tolerate physical activity since there are heart rhythm problems. Development of congestive heart failure is possible. The consequences are reversible. After the elimination of hyperthyroidism, the signs of arrhythmia go away.

Increased fragility of bones. At the advanced stage, hyperthyroidism causes disturbances in the structure of bone tissue. Osteoporosis can occur. The reason for brittle bones is that excess hormones prevent calcium from being built into the bone.
Skin problems. Increased levels of thyroid hormones in the blood can lead to swollen and reddened skin.

Eye disorders. Pain in the eyes, sensitivity to light, and double vision are the common complaints. Visual acuity gradually decreases. In some cases, even blindness can develop.

It is a serious and life-threatening pathology of the thyroid gland that disrupts not only the work of this organ but also other systems of the body. Therefore, it is vital to timely recognize the disease in order to correctly prescribe therapy and eliminate the symptoms of the disorder with the help of smartly selected drugs, including carbimazole capsules, because without proper attention, thyrotoxic crisis may occur. In the event of a thyroid storm, all the symptoms become intensified. Apart from tachycardia and heart failure, there may be even mental disorders.


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