What is the Significance of Onsite Concrete in Construction?


Producing onsite concrete batches involves mixing different constituents using various machines & equipment on the project site. However, other concrete variants, such as ready-mix concrete, can be directly poured to the required area. But, still using onsite mixed concrete in a construction project has its own importance.

You have total control over the consistency and strength of the construction material. And, you can change its properties by conveniently mixing different additives. Similarly, there are numerous benefits of using onsite concrete that proves its significance. We have mentioned and explained the top ones below. Let’s have a look:

Advantages of Using Onsite Concrete in Construction

Reduced Dependency For Construction Material

Using onsite concrete, you no longer rely on an external source to get the supply of the construction material required for the project. Instead, all the raw materials can be bought in advance and stored at the construction site for material production as per the requirements.

On the other hand, suppose you are using any other type of concrete. If the construction material gets finished, then either the truck will go and get a refill, or you need to call a different truck for the material supply. Both ways, there is more time and effort required to get the construction material. Besides, if the construction is going on at a remote or hard-to-reach location, the difficulties further increase.

However, that’s not the case with onsite concrete. As the raw material is available right on the project site. You just need to mix them with the help of machines to get various concrete batches with custom specifications. So, even if you are located in a remote area, there is no issue, as repetitive transportation is not required to maintain a regular supply of construction material.

Minimised Delays in The Project

Every professional related to the construction industry knows the value of time in a project. The construction must be completed before the deadline to finish the work in the pre-decided budget. Otherwise, more delay means more expenses, which ultimately disturbs your budget for the construction project.

On-site concrete mixing ensures that there are minimal to no delays. As you can start producing a new concrete batch right away when you notice that the material is about to finish. On the contrary, using any other concrete variant requires a refill if the construction material is finished. So, a lot of time is wasted when the truck goes back to the material production facility and comes back with the required quantity.

Moreover, sometimes concrete trucks can’t reach the construction site on time due to bad weather and uneven terrain. But, with on-site mixed coon-site mixed concretencrete, you don’t have to face such issues. You can produce and use the construction material conveniently on the project site itself.

More Flexibility in The Mixing Process

On-site concrete mixing offers you more flexibility while preparing concrete batches. It means that you can tweak the material produced according to the project requirements. For instance, you can prepare concrete batches of different consistencies and specifications by altering the constituent ratios and mixing various additives.

Moreover, you have complete control over the quality of the construction material. So, there is no chance that the concrete batches are prepared using a cheap and low-quality material. Because everything is mixed in your presence. On the other hand, if you used premixed concrete, you can’t check if the material used in it has a satisfactory quality or not.

Customisable Pour Rate

With the help of onsite concrete, you can increase or decrease the material pour rate according to your requirement. For instance, if the project deadline is coming close, you can speed up the construction work by producing the required number of concrete batches one after the other.

Similarly, in case of bad weather like rainfall, you can slow down the material production until the weather clears out. But if you have ordered pre-mixed concrete, you have to pour the material in a few hours, irrespective of the weather conditions. Otherwise, the concrete will start to become hard, ultimately leading to wastage.

In short, on-site concrete mixing allows you to customise the concrete production and pour rates. This way, you have more control over the qualities and number of concrete batches.

Fresh Material Batches

If you want to pour freshly prepared concrete batches over the slab area, you should consider onsite concrete as the first choice. The reason is that it requires some time to deliver the material from the manufacturing facility to the construction site. Consequently, the concrete mix no longer remains fresh when it finally reaches the site.

You can’t just prepare and pour the material. But, doing the same is possible with the help of onsite concrete. The temporary mixing plant is near the construction area. So, the concrete mix just needs to be carried for a few metres before pouring it directly into the slab area.

It is good to use fresh concrete in construction before it starts to get hard and settle. If the concrete mix starts getting hard in the truck, it will lead to material wastage. Because no process can take the concrete back to its semi solid flow state. For this reason, onsite concrete mixing is preferred to ensure getting fresh concrete batches at regular intervals.

Reduced Need For Retarders

Retarder admixtures are chemical substances used to slow down the process of concrete hardening. This way, you can keep the concrete fresh for a long time by preserving its flow state. Concrete retarders are widely used in the construction industry. Because mostly the construction material needs to be delivered to distant areas that take many hours.

However, there is no need for retarder admixtures, if you opt for on-site concrete for construction. As the material can be poured right away after production, there is almost no chance that it becomes hard. This way, you can avoid the expenses of buying retarder admixtures which help to complete the construction project within the expected budget.

Comparatively Less Expensive

Choosing onsite concrete can save you money in multiple ways. Firstly, there is no need to pay for the delivery charges of concrete as it is prepared directly on the project site. Secondly, there is less wastage as you can prepare the material in limited amounts and keep producing more batches as per the requirement.

Whereas, if you order a full truck of concrete and only a limited quantity is used in your project, there will be concrete wastage. As a result, you have to unnecessarily pay for the additional material.

Finally, and most importantly, there is no need for chemical admixtures to slow down the pace of concrete hardening as mentioned above. All in all, on-site mixed concrete can be categorised as a budget-friendly construction material.


With the help of the above points, we have explained the significance of on-site mixed concrete in construction. If you think these advantages will benefit your construction project, you can opt for onsite concrete as your primary construction material. This way, you will be able to produce the construction material in the required amounts and keep a check on its quality as well. You should reach out to a reputable concrete supplier near you to get expert assistance regarding the raw material and setting up the temporary concrete mixing mechanism. This way, you can achieve the desired results with the help of construction.


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