Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space


Give a new and fresh touch to your living room and make it a more welcoming and comfortable space. The best way to do this is through wall décor ideas as they add personality to a room and provide a visually interesting focal point.

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Bring out your personality through wall art decoration in a unique way. With the help of Professional Picture Hanging Melbourne, you can hang your favourite artwork and final finish you home décor and make your house a home. Hanging artwork completes a room and brings all the other elements together.

There’s so many different ideas and artwork to choose from, whether it’s a sculpture, canvas or abstract piece, you could even create it yourself! Let’s see some wall decor ideas that help you refresh your space.

Go for Oversized Wall art

Choose oversized paintings and photographs according to your space. Select the minimalist decoration as per your interior or theme. Focus on buying the living room wall art that fits your room, and everyone will notice that easily.

Select the quotes or meaningful thoughts which bring positivity to your atmosphere. Buy small creative paintings which make your wall magical. No rules are there to decorate your creative wall, you can make it as per your choice.

Think in 3D Wall art

Nowadays, 3D wall art is a popular instant of wallpapers, which is easily affordable. You can create your room with this 3D wall art that will give you identity for your space. Choose different wall arts such as colorful plastic and clay, which look different.

These shapes and designs will definitely compliment your space. Create 3D wall art with lighting it will look bright and catch everyone’s eye.

Create a Basket Wall

You want to do something new, you are feeling bored with the interior, you can take basket wall art for your space. Places swings that will make your wall look graceful.

Read books, have a coffee or eatables on the swing, it will remind you about your childhood memories. Buy a swing made up of wooden, iron, plastic and covering etc. Please place it in the empty corner of your area, it should be above the floor as per your choice.

Put some decorative items such as a vase, hanging bells, pineapple decor etc. Decorate the tiers with different colors and make it look different for the settings area.

Mount Your Bike on a Wall

Create your blank wall into your favorite things such as mount bike, television and turn it into a stylish wall. Give a vintage look to your living room as it will look classic and trendy. You can repaint your mount bike and make it new, and it is easy to install.

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Go with the traditional follow up If you do have your grandparents belonging. So you can mount it on your wall and feel happy with your creativity. Preserving things of your insisters will make your and next-generation remember them.

Get an Ethereal, Whimsical Look With Paper Lights

Make paper lights at home, and it is easy to make, you will enjoy it while doing it with kids. If you do not want to make it, save your time, buy it from the market. Take colorful sheets and charts, scissors, glue, LED lights and hanging thread.

Show your creativity by exploring these paper lights. It is not necessary to hang these paper lights in your area, but you can hang them anywhere in the home.

Choose proper colors for your paper lights as they will have good energy, which you switch on. You will find it more relaxing as the colors transform your energy into peace. Decorate your lights for housewarming parties and celebrations.

Think Outside the Box

Always think out of the box with creative new ideas that blow everyone’s mind. Paint on skateboard, glasses, bottles, plates, stones, fabric, etc. It will give a different look to your space, and you will enjoy it while creating it.

Take your waste material available in your home and transform it into a unique piece of art. Hang these beautiful art pieces on your walls, or you can place them on the floor. It gives a great look to your space, and you will be happy to see your creativity.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these ideas will help you decorate your living room’s wall in an excellent way. It adds the magic and spark in your space, and pays more attention. These are the easy and quick ideas to change the entire look of your room.


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