Types of Displays for a Trade Show


Are you interested in having a display at a trade show, but you don’t know which type of display that you should use? There are so many different types of displays that are used in trade shows, and it is best to choose one that will help your business stand out from all of the other displays at the show. In this article, we will talk about some of the different types of displays you can choose from for your trade show display.

Inline Booth

This is one of the most common types of booths displayed at a trade show. It is a very basic concept that many people use to attract traffic. This type of booth consists of lines of booths that are set up back-to-back and side to side. These are common, as it allows the guests to see each one without too much hassle of getting to each different booth. This is also an organized way to make sure that your booth will get traffic, as it is a way that makes sure that people will pass your booth.

Back Lit Booth

If you are more concerned about the ambience of your display, backlit trade show displays could be a great option for you. Choosing to go with a display that is backlit, will help create an experience for the guests of the show so that they will be inclined to come and check out the services that you have to offer. It will create an atmosphere, mood and tone that will help elevate you above your competitors.

Perimeter Booth

This type of booth is quite similar to that of an inline booth, as it still has other booths that are surrounding it. However, a perimeter booth uses a wall for the back of it. This is beneficial because it will allow you to hang any graphics that you would like to. Oftentimes, people will use it to display their services, or even their branding to help the guests become more familiar with their company.

Island Booth

If you feel as though you want your booth to be more isolated and not surrounded by other companies, then an island booth may be the one that you want to choose. Just as the name of it sounds, an island booth has all four sides of the booth exposed and not surrounded by other companies. This allows for easy access of the booth for the guests of the show, and allows for maximum exposure, as the guests will not have other booths near you become distracted by.


There are many different types of booths that can be used at a trade show. It is important to decide what your goals are for the trade show, so that you can then choose a display type that will help you meet your goals. Next time you are debating which type of display to use at your next trade show, make sure that you use the knowledge that you gained about each different type of booth, and the functionality that it provides.


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