Top 6 Ways to Increase Sales Online


When a potential customer gets acquainted with the company, it’s necessary to allay his fears about:

  • The usefulness of the service.
  • Quality.
  • The procedure and timing of the work.
  • Price.

To do this, present yourself correctly with these techniques.

Top 6 Ways to Increase Sales Online

Inform in Details

Reception helps potential customers form an idea of the nature of the service, as well as the complexity and volume of work.

  • Clear terms of service: work scheme, terms of reference, event program, whether there is a possibility to make changes in the approved project, what is not included in the service.
  • Consultations: by phone, in chat, face-to-face, in the form of webinars.
  • Tests for self-testing.
  • Useful information materials in the blog, newsletter or group: how to choose, what is the essence of the new technology.
  • Reference books on problems, similar to medical reference books or in Q&A format.
  • Excursions, for example, to the apartment where the team is currently doing repairs.
  • Fragments of handouts, seminars, consultations, etc.
  • Fragments of handouts, seminars, consultations, etc.
  • Factors that increase the effectiveness of cooperation: the size of the group, compulsory homework, preparation for the procedure.
  • Contact with the future performer: remote and face-to-face conversations, blog articles (on behalf of the performer). You can use Black Box by Helium 10 to scan the marketplace using several filters.

Present the Future Result

Tell about the benefits received on similar orders with:

  • Photos or test results before and after.
  • Portfolio: videos, photos, interviews with clients, sample reports, case studies – stories about how you helped your clients solve problems relevant to them.
  • Measurable results, such as the number of people who found a job within six months after the training.

Prepare an imitation of the future result:

Sketch or 3D model of the interior, equipment, hair.

Calculation of indicators that can be achieved. For example, how many kg can be lost in a month thanks to the program.

Divide the Sale Into Stages

An optimal algorithm is to build a sequence: promise 1 – contact 1 – contact 2 – contact 2, etc.

  • Trial services. Temporary Internet connection, introductory lesson. Introductory service allows you to evaluate the quality of the work and make a step towards further cooperation.
  • Staged rendering of services, when at the end of each stage a person has the right to refuse cooperation. For example, to distinguish between diagnosis and treatment, metering and window installation.
  • A workshop or other online or offline events involving the production of the service.
  • Express analysis or an audit of the situation.
  • Demo versions, like free slots at CasinoChan.

Warn clients in advance about possible inconveniences and typical difficulties. Moreover, simplify as much as possible the response steps for the client: questionnaires, application forms, etc.

Demonstrate Quality Control

Internal quality assessment:

  • Criteria by which to evaluate results, such as a flow chart or memo indicating what the performer can and cannot do.
  • A book of complaints and suggestions, the ability to leave feedback and give marks to consultants or performers.
  • Voicing company standards, such as a message that phone calls are recorded to evaluate the performance of operators.
  • Remote monitoring, such as installing cameras at the site where repairs are being made.
  • The results of customer surveys about the quality of service.

External quality assessment:

  • Real customer feedback, preferably describing the initial situation and the results of the work.
  • Cooperation with particularly demanding customers.
  • A share of repeat orders.
  • A share of references.
  • Average duration of cooperation with a client.
  • Percentage of clients requesting refunds.
  • Awards at competitions.
  • Regular involvement of independent experts.

Form the Status of an Expert

In this case, the following ways will help:

  • Publications in famous magazines.
  • Membership in clubs and various associations.
  • Participation in conferences and competitions.
  • Mentions in the ratings.

It’s important to keep in mind that for many people fame = expertise. This isn’t always the case, though.

Reduce the Client’s Monetary Risks

Demonstrate respect for your customers and confidence in the level of your services:

  • Refunds at a certain stage if the quality is unsatisfactory.
  • The possibility of phased payment or payment by the fact. By the way, you can provide an alternative: post-payment or prepayment discount.
  • Show in figures how much you can save and at what expense (without loss of quality or with some consequences).

It’s important not to abuse discounts, they are not indirect proof of quality anyway.


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