Top 5 Types of Promotions That Will Increase the Effectiveness of Your Digital Production


There are many types of promotional actions, differing in scale, goals and tools used to achieve them. Regardless of the type of such activity, there is no hesitation in stating that with the help of digital you can achieve great success and increase the reach of the audience involved.

Top 5 Types of Promotions That Will Increase the Effectiveness of Your Digital Production

Mobile apps, special sites, chatbots, promotional activations and other production tools increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and attract more of today’s consumers for any brand from a National Casino Australia to a marketplace selling beauty products.


Usually an exhibition is a large-scale event, involving a large number of trained personnel for the presentation of a new product and to familiarize consumers with its properties. Moreover, you cannot do without creating a full-fledged promotional area, which by means of visual effects will attract people’s attention. But we should remember about interactive digital tools. For example, you can collect leads with the help of a branded questionnaire on a tablet, and they will be immediately sent to the server for immediate processing. To motivate exhibitors to leave their contact information, add a prize draw or give out a promo code for completing the questionnaire right away.

Besides the questionnaire you can offer to take an interactive test or even play a game. By the way, pet food manufacturers are especially fond of such tools.

Some people are put off by this approach because a mobile application is complicated, long and may not pass moderation in time in the storerooms. However, the good news is that today’s PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology allows you to create web apps that look like mobile apps, but are installed directly and do not require a download to the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Contests and Giveaways

Promotions with probable benefits always arouse great interest among consumers and stimulate demand, because the promise of prizes and bonuses for a purchase or participation in a raffle awakens excitement and a desire to win. If your goal is to involve as many people as possible, you can’t do without a promotional site. The message of such promotions for the consumer usually sounds like “Buy, do, get!” For example: “1. Buy diapers X. 2. Register the check on the website. 3. Get a chance to win a prize!”.

To conduct such a promo, you can’t do without high-quality digital production, because a small mistake in the draw, which consumers will notice, can lead to a scandal, a barrage of negativity in social networks and even lawsuits.

Checks that users register are sometimes numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and codes – even in the millions. It’s important to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system and timely backups.

Cashback Promotions

It’s getting easier and easier to arrange such promotions thanks to the emergence of mass payout services, and the guaranteed benefit attracts more customers. Such a scheme works great if the terms apply to several products of the same brand. The mechanics of paying a percentage of the purchase amount can be different: direct refunds to the card, phone top-ups, a check for another product, discounts on subsequent purchases.

A Promotional Game

A company’s products can be integrated into existing games, but it’s much more prestigious and effective to develop your own. We devote a lot of time to entertainment, so we need to use it to create a promotional product that will be exciting and useful.

You can create a corporate game as well as an augmented reality (AR) or WebAR app. Consumers will need a smartphone and some free time to change the reality around them while getting to know your company’s product or service better. Engagement with this approach is guaranteed because it’s an unobtrusive method of production, which can primarily diversify the leisure time, and marketing remains native.

Special Events

Event marketing involves large-scale events for the target audience in order to better acquaint them with the brand or an individual company, to bring the reputation of the brand to a new level and increase customer loyalty. It can be a festival format, a sports or entertainment event, but in any case it will be possible to attract attention to it with the help of digital production.

Touch apps, where the user interacts with the brand by touching the big screen, but it’s possible to use the Kinect sensor to control the interaction with gestures. The event will be able to demonstrate the use of your product in practice, talk about its features and give people the experience of direct use.


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