Tips for Shipping High-Value Items


Moving your most precious possessions or shipping high value items to buyers can be a nerve-wracking business. What if something happens to your goods in transit? While mishaps can happen, there are many ways that you can reduce the chances of them affecting you. Use these tips to get your high-value items safely to their destination.

Tips for Shipping High-Value Items

Use Specialised Shipping Companies

Wherever there’s a need, there’s almost always a business that has risen to the challenge. Art shipping specialists, for example, will have all the necessary knowledge and trained staff necessary to get even the most fragile artworks safely to their destinations. With a little searching, you’ll find companies that have made the safe shipping of almost any high value item their line of business. There are piano movers, companies that specialise in moving antique furniture, and so on.

Insure Your Shipment

Although insurance is an extra cost, a payout will offer some relief if anything happens to your valuables in transit. Most shipping companies are willing to offer insurance at an extra cost and it’s worth taking it. At best, you’ll have a little extra peace of mind and the safe arrival of your shipment. At worst, you can recover funds to use for their repair or replacement.

Inspect Items Thoroughly Before and After Shipping

If you are using a premium shipping service, and you should, its agents will inspect items before they are dispatched. Pay close attention and make sure that you, or the recipient of the shipment knows about any existing wear. On arrival, the items will undergo another careful inspection in the presence of the company’s representatives. If any new damage is spotted, you will be able to claim compensation.

If You’re Taking Your Chances With a Regular Shipping Service, Talk Packaging

Not all companies are specialists in moving high value items. Inform them of the objects that you’re concerned about, and ask them how they will be protected from harm. They should be willing to supply the right kind of packaging to mitigate risk. If you decide it’s best to move them yourself, be sure to protect them with careful wrapping and packing.

Where necessary, label any boxes with “this side up” and “fragile” stickers and always make sure that objects are cushioned and can’t rattle around, either within their packaging or in their packaging space.

Sentimental Value Also Counts: Pack Smart

Not all items that are precious to you have a high monetary value. It will be up to you to ensure that they’re packed for safe arrival. Tape a big X across any glass to protect it from shattering, and use paper or bubble wrap to cushion each one. Old blankets or carpet underfelt can make very good packaging materials that protect against scuffs and scrapes. Always prepare an inventory that can be used when receiving goods at their destination.

Slight damages during moving are quite common, but with proper packing, you stand a very good chance of a damage free move or shipment. Make some extra effort with your most precious belongings. With your foresight and the right professionals to help you, all should go well.


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