4 Things to Consider While Choosing Sports Uniforms


The popularity of soccer has leaped all bounds for many decades. If you play soccer professionally, you must have come across a soccer uniform with a sponsor’s logo and your name on it. A jersey is not just a piece of clothing. It represents your team, your sportsmanship, and your pride. That is why choosing the proper soccer uniforms for your team is essential.

4 Things to Consider While Choosing Sports Uniforms

Though choosing a sports uniform is no rocket science, many players agree that it can significantly impact their performance. A wrong fit and lack of safety features can dramatically affect the performance on the field and might cost you the game. Whether they are women soccer uniforms or for men, there are certain factors you can look for while choosing sports uniforms. Here are four such factors that you need to check while selecting soccer uniforms for your team.

1. Material

Soccer is a game of speed, agility, and accuracy. Did you know that an average soccer player runs around 7 to 10 miles in a single game? That is why the material of the sports uniform makes a lot of difference.
Sports jerseys are supposed to be lightweight and flexible so that the players won’t face any problems while on the field.

The best sports uniforms are made from seamless, lightweight material that is comfortable to wear yet very durable. The jersey should withstand all the tugging and pulling that is usually involved in a soccer game. Some jerseys also come with side panels made with durable mesh fabric to ensure maximum airflow. It keeps the body cold while absorbing all the sweat. You don’t have to worry about rashes, itching, scratching, and getting irritated due to hard seams.

Sports uniforms are typically made from polyester and nylon. These durable materials quickly dry, so you don’t have to run on the field with wet, heavy, and saggy clothes. It also avoids the need to replace the jersey multiple times.

2. Fit

Sports uniforms need to fit perfectly. It should not snuggle to the body, nor should it be too saggy. It should fit comfortably so the player can move swiftly on the field. The fit for males and females can vary. Women soccer uniforms are made with different sizing and are made according to the universal standard sizes. The same goes for the male player jerseys too.

Sports jerseys are made with form-fitting sizes; that way, it snuggles your body in slim-fit sizing and doesn’t restrict your movements.

3. Protective Features

Soccer games are full of injuries; hence the player’s safety should be paramount. Even a slight injury can keep the player off the field for weeks and months. Thankfully, modern jerseys came with strategically fitted ergonomic pads that help reduce the impact of falls, bruises, and scrapes. These pads should be durable yet lightweight, so the player won’t even realize they are there.

4. Color

Color has a great impact on soccer uniforms. Soccer jerseys usually consist of a combination of different colors. These colors are the same as the official colors of the team branding, mascots, and other branding material. The jersey color represents your team, which is why it is important to make sure you choose it wisely.

Sports uniforms are an essential part of the game, and that is why they deserve the utmost attention when it comes to designing and procuring them. Make sure you choose the right supplier that fulfills all your requirements.


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