Save the Planet: How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint


With the reality of climate change looming, it’s more important than ever for each of us to do whatever we can to protect the planet. One person might not be able to save the world, but small efforts from many can lead to major change.

Save the Planet - How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

And lowering your carbon footprint is easier than you might think! By making minor adjustments to your day-to-day habits, you can ensure that your personal impact on the environment is minimal.

To learn how to lower your carbon footprint in a few simple, actionable steps, just keep reading.

Cut Down on Driving Time

Transportation accounts for nearly a third of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Because of this, one of the most impactful things you can do to have a low carbon footprint is to cut down on your driving time.

Consider carpooling, taking public transportation, or riding your bike! If you choose physical activity over driving when possible, you’ll be doing wonders not only for the environment but for your mental and physical health as well.

Be Careful of Food Waste

A pack of cheese or a stalk of celery is going to go bad now and then. And while there’s no reason to beat yourself up over the occasional food mishap, it’s important to do what you can to reduce waste.

Don’t buy things in bulk that you might not be able to finish before the expiration date. Plan your meals out at the beginning of the week and only buy what you need. Extend the life of produce and proteins by freezing them.

Additionally, if you order takeout or bring home leftovers, wash and reuse any plastic containers given to you.

Reduce Energy Usage

How often do you forget to turn a light off when you leave the room or leave the water running while brushing your teeth? These small mistakes can add up over time, worsening your carbon footprint and sending your utility bills through the roof.

Don’t feel pressured to make yourself miserable in your own home, but reduce your energy usage where you can. Maybe you set the thermostat two or three degrees higher in the summer to decrease the load on your air conditioner or spend your family night playing board games rather than watching TV.

To take it a step further, you could reach out to professionals such as those at to install solar panels at your home. Yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but you’ll save thousands on energy costs.

Do Your Part by Learning How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

We could all do a little more to make our planet green. By learning how to lower your carbon footprint and putting this knowledge into action, you’ll be taking steps to ensure that the mark you leave on this earth is a positive one.

It’s not about changing your entire life overnight. It’s better to make small, lasting changes that you can maintain for a lifetime.

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