Round Bidet Toilet Water Spray Diverter Wash Kit Specifications


You want to use a high-quality toilet water spray, right? It means that the water spray is stylish, along with a strong water flow. A round toilet bidet spray is a good option to have a maximal toilet cleaning tool. Check the specifications and everything you have to know before using this product below:

Round Bidet Toilet Water Spray Diverter Wash Kit Specifications


This water spray looks stunning and simple with its round shape. The design is also smooth and similar to the sink. You can choose to use a classic or modern model. Choose the best ABS toilet bidet spray model based on the theme of your bathroom at home.

The good thing is that this water spray is flexible enough no matter the theme. The size and shape keep this product handy enough to use. You can use the sprayer comfortably without extra effort yet it produces strong water to clean your toilet maximally.


The manufacturer chooses stainless steel for the material of this toilet water spray. Stainless steel has more benefits compared to aluminum or plastic. Let say it keeps the water spray hygiene and clean. You don’t need to worry about any bacteria stick to the sprayer. This sprayer is also easy to clean once you use it.

The best part is that this material doesn’t have pores or cracks. As a result, grime, bacteria, or fungus are hard enough to stay on the sprayer too long. Another reason to use stainless steel for this water sprayer is durability. You are about to use a water sprayer that lasts longer than other materials. The chrome-plated color makes this product looks eye-catching to install in your toilet.


The model and material of this product are not only the reason why people use it. They also use this product because it is easy to install. You can even tighten the connector by hand. This product will not leak even if you don’t tight it hard. It means that you can use this sprayer in a few minutes. Make sure that you turn off the water valve and flush the toilet water tank before installing this water sprayer.

This sprayer is also comfortable to use, along with its 1.2 meters stainless steel water hose. At least, you can clean some parts that a little bit difficult to reach by using this sprayer. The installation of this sprayer is suitable for those who love to use products with the Australian standard.


The performance is good enough. The water flow is strong enough once you push the sprayer. You can do the process with one hand yet clean the toilet maximally. This performance allows you to use the water effectively even if it is only in a small portion.


Nowadays, you can buy this toilet water spray online in a specific store, such as My Home Ware. A package of water spray consists of a round hand sprayer, a diverter, a shower holder, and a stainless-steel water hose. The cost is also reasonable enough if you compared it with the benefits you will get.


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