Recommend Some Feng Shui Bracelets


Do you heard about feng shui? Feng shui is a Chinese words, it means the thing have energy and can adjust energy around you to make you balance and full of positive energy, bring you good luck, wealth and health.

Recommend Some Feng Shui Bracelets

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Evil Eye Bracelet

It is believed that a person who is jealous of the prosperity and luck of another can place a curse on that person by giving them a malevolent glare. People in most cultures believe that if you have been given an evil eye curse you will experience misfortune or injury.

The concept of the evil eye is known across many cultures and has its origins in ancient times.

What will the evil eye bracelet do?

People believe that wearing an evil eye amulet reflects the malevolent glare back at the “evil” person and breaks the curse.

The evil eye symbol is often given as gifts for new businesses, housewarmings, new cars and when a baby is born. This is seen to bring good luck and prosperity and ward off evil.

Many people wear the evil eye as a manner of protecting themselves from evil or malicious stares. The best way to wear an evil eye is in the form of jewelry because it is close to your body and best able to protect you.

The evil eye bracelet is the fashionably aesthetic and the best way to have the evil eye protection on you everywhere you go. Typical evil eye jewelry is blue and white in color and stands out as a beautiful accessory with any fashion you wear.

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Feng Shui Bracelet

A feng shui bracelet is worn to balance the life force in the body. Feng shui is based on the principal that the universe is made up of energy fields, “chi” and these universal energy fields influence the experiences we have in life. Each aspect of life such as health, wealth and relationships are influenced by a specific energy.

Wearing a feng shui bracelet will help align your personal energy with the universal energy vibrations and allow you to achieve your goals or life’s purpose.

What will the feng shui bracelet do?

Feng shui bracelets are worn to attract the energy of a specific element. In feng shui there are five main elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements affect the energy flow in your body.

The elements associated with the different fengshui bracelets are:

Rosewood bracelet

Wood is associated with health, wealth, family, and new beginnings. Wearing a beautiful bracelet like the rosewood mala beads bracelet made from rosewood will attract the energy associated with these areas of your life.

Tiger eye bracelet

Fire is associated with the tiger’s eye gemstone. Wearing a natural tiger eye bracelet will draw the energies of fame and reputation to the wearer. The tiger’s eye gemstone is a golden stone and has the ability to help you manifest your deepest desires.

Natural obsidian bracelet with tiger eye bead

The elements associated with earth is knowledge and love. Wearing the natural obsidian bracelet with tiger eye bead will attract the energy from the universe to bring knowledge and love into your life. Gemstones that have earth tones and are in the yellow and brown family of colors should be worn, among these stones are tiger’s eye and mahogany obsidian.

Queen King matching couple bracelets

Metal is the element associated with travel, children, creativity, and helpfulness. If you want to improve your energy fields relating to these areas a Queen King matching couple bracelet that is made from titanium should be worn. This couple bracelet symbolizes eternal love and is adjustable which makes it the perfect gift for your partner.

Obsidian bracelet

Obsidian is associated with the element of water. Wearing a feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet will attract the energy associated with water, which is career success. Water is also seen as the element that nourishes. Many people that have successful careers wear obsidian as it is known to bring great monetary wealth yet also protect the wearer against negative energy in the environment.

Feng shui bracelets work by attracting the energy of a specific element. When you wear a specific bracelet associated with the area in your life that you want to improve ensure you wear the bracelet that will align its energy with your intentions. This will result in getting the most benefit from the bracelet. Feng shui bracelets harnesses the power of the five elements and brings your energy fields into alignment with the energy fields of the universe.

Egypt Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt, symbol representing protection, health, and restoration.


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