Ready to Move Flats in Pune – The Next Generation Home Solution


Often most people would have come across the terms ready to move in flats and apartments on billboards or advertisement pamphlets. It is one of the catchphrases that all builders and promoters use when they want to promote a building or residential complex.

The only other opposing concept is that of under-construction homes and apartments. There is a large difference between the two; most people are stuck between these options. Ready to move flats in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc., are one of the thriving businesses when it comes to real estate.

Ready to Move Flats in Pune - The Next Generation Home Solution

There are many ready-to-move-in and under-construction projects in most tier 1 cities, but only a handful of them offer well furnished, premium finished apartments for prestigious clients. Therefore, the choice of a home is a tough decision for the investing family or person when it comes to a new home.

Ready to Move in Homes v/s Under Construction Homes

Ready-to-move-in homes are the new concept that creates much of the hype that a builder and promoter wants. A ready-to-move project offers a glimpse into the life that a person would have when a customer buys into the apartment building or complex.

It helps in envisioning how the home would feel like and how the lifestyle would be when a person lives in that particular home. Ready-to-move flats in Pune are one of the biggest markets currently as the people rely on real-time information and want just what they see. A Ready to move in the flat system may be pricier at the outset but can be more economical in the long run.

On the contrary, there is another kind of project which is the under-construction project. In this, the buyer of the apartment or flats only gets to see the model home (that too in a few cases) and must rely on brochures or animations of the flat that would be built in a few years.

An under-construction project may cost less initially, but the prices may go up at the time of finishing the project. In some cases, the projects may take much longer than anticipated by the time they are completed.

There are pros and cons for both systems, and it depends on the buyer, which kind of house and investment setup suits them best.

Features of a Ready-to-Move Flat

A ready-to-move flat provides many benefits such as:

1. Getting what one sees

What a customer sees is what they get – there is no hidden information or costs, and the buyer or investor can find out all the details before buying the house, therefore is a good option for a cautious customer

2. Upfront investment

It is easier to get loans sanctioned as the costs are upfront and easier to start the finance process for a ready-to-move flat than other kinds of projects

3. Income Source

For those who will not be moving in immediately, a ready-to-move flat system can turn into an income source as it can be lent to another party, whereas in under-construction projects, the money is tied to a project that yields no income and loses interest.

4. Timely Process

A buyer can finish all the finance and government proceedings quickly and move into their new home in case of a ready-to-move flat.


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