Most Popular Things to do in Rouse Hill Estate


Rouse Hill is a busy town located in the Hills District in Sydney, approximately 43 kilometers from the Sydney business district. The town has various commercial centers, heritages, and attractive sites. The attractive sites combined with the good security in the town make many people want to spend their time in the town. However, with the most facilities and attractions sites, some individuals may find it hard choosing the best things to do while in the town. Therefore, we’ve put down the most popular things to do in Rouse Hill to enjoy your moments.

1. Have a visit to the Australian brewery and hotel

Do you enjoy having top-quality drinks in a calm and comfortable place? While in Rouse Hill, you can visit the Australian brewery, the latest meeting point in place in the country. At the brewery, you’ll enjoy the great tastes and simple joys of the free-flowing top-quality drinks and meals. The brewery offers delicious boutique beers that come with delicious foods. More so, the brewery didn’t forget the pizza lovers, as the hotel provides the best quality of pizzas you won’t get in any other place in Sydney. Lastly, the hotel boasts of having the top qualified and experienced chefs in Sydney.

2. You can go shopping

Especially when you’ve got your family and kids accompanying you, going shopping is the most exciting thing you ever do in Rouse Hills. The town has many shopping malls that offer quality services to its clients. For example at Rouse hill town center, you’ll get everything you need at the shopping mall. You’ll get various foodstuffs, electrical appliances, clothes, house appliances, and many more other items you need. The shopping mall is easily accessible; it’s a five-minute walk from the bus stop.

3. Visiting the museum

When schools close, the best thing to do in Rouse Hills is to visit the museums. The Rouse Hills estate provides the best experience that is filled with treasure and an assortment of belongings. Additionally, the museums have various farm chronicles that have changing fortunes for the sixth generation. When at the house, the authorities will give you a tour guide to take you around the house and farm.

However, you’ll need to be very careful to observe the time, as the tour goes for a maximum of 45 minutes between 11 am and 2 pm, on Wednesday to Friday. There is a general tour for weekends from 11 am to 2 pm, and at 3 pm, you can have a highlight tour. The museum also considers individuals with low mobility as it provides them with movers.

4. Visit the Regional Park

While in Rouse Hills, town, and you love riding bikes or enjoying the experience of a nice local park, Rouse Hill Regional Park is the best place for you. At the park, you’ll find the best biking trails where you can go for a walk, have horse riding fun, and even have a picnic. You’re sure of getting the best experience of the park as most parts are wooden and pleasant. Like the other rest stops and country parks, the park has few wooden facilities that fit the environment. The park has overgrown grasses with walking paths for individuals to pass through as they enjoy the thrilling experience in the park.

Final thoughts

Rouse Hill town has many attractive features and heritages, from shopping malls, cinema halls to parks. Thus, individuals find it hard to choose the best activities to do while in the town. The activities above present the most popular things to do in Rouse Hill.


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