Marketing Strategies On How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Reach


As digital marketing becomes more prominent, marketers are beginning to focus on social media to reach consumers with creative and engaging content. Influencers often enjoy a direct line to their demographic, making them easy targets for companies looking for exposure. If you have not started diving into influencer marketing campaigns, now is the time. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Understand Your Audience

Before getting started on any campaign, you need to know your audience. What are they interested in? Who are their favorite celebrities? What type of content does your target audience love to share on social media? How can you target your influencers in a way that resonates with this audience? For instance, if your target audience tends to be young and trendy, it might benefit you to partner with influencers who fit that same demographic. In this case, the influencer will not need to read your marketing materials, but they will be able to provide a valuable, legitimate social media following with similar interests.
You can also identify your audience by looking at similar public figures. As marketers gain more insight into the lives of specific social media users, they can begin to create content that appeals to their needs and interests.

Develop an Influencer Relationship

To get your campaign off the ground, you will want to work with individuals already of interest to your audience. That is particularly important if you want content contributors who enjoy a high level of influence and authority in their industry (such as a big name) or if you are looking to partner with more prominent brands.

If you can get the attention of influencers in this space, they will likely be more open to working with your company. As well as building their reputation, these individuals also tend to have more extensive social media followings than smaller ones – so even if they put out less content, more people will see it. That increases the chances that a piece of content will reach a wider audience and impact your brand.

You will also want to approach these influencers with care. Before contacting them with an offer for paid content, make sure you understand their high-level goals. Ask them how their content fits into their overall online presence and how it helps to promote their brands.

If you do not have a direct line to an influencer, you can also try to contact their team member. Eventually, the influencer will be able to vouch for your company and provide more information about how you might benefit from working together.

Plan Out Your Content Strategy

Once you have identified your ideal influencers, it is time to start figuring out the content strategy behind your campaign. What will your influencer look and sound like? Will your content be about their online presence or about a specific piece of content they produce?

Make sure to choose influencers who will create content that matches the tone of your brand. For example, if you are a serious-minded financial services company, do not try to convince your potential influencers to start making jokes.

After knowing how you want the campaign to look, it is time to get creative with the design. You can invest in marketing materials such as infographics, blog posts, or product promotions to help people learn more about the influencers and what they have to offer.

Choose Your Metrics

Once you have decided how your campaign will function, you need to establish how you can track its success. By selecting the metrics that matter most, you can determine if the content produced by your influencers is compelling and relevant to your audience.

If one of your goals is to increase the number of people who follow a particular influencer on social media, it will make sense to track this metric closely. If your results do not pan out as expected, it might be time for you to choose a different influencer or allocate more time and energy to ensure you have a strong campaign strategy in place.

Influencers provide an effective route to getting a considerable number of potential clients to visit/buy products from your business. If you can identify the influencers who are most likely to help your company, you can set up a campaign that will significantly impact your brand’s social media presence.

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