LinkedIn Platform: A Gateway to Your Professional Career


“Nothing will work unless you do.” —Maya Angelou

It’s true that a good job opportunity does not knock on your door; instead, you need to build a door for it. Many career finders do not realize this and wait longer for their dream jobs. They create a strong LinkedIn profile but are still invisible. The main reason is that they do not know how to use an employment-seeking platform or develop the necessary skills related to their field.

LinkedIn is unquestionably a giant social networking platform where employment seekers and companies connect with each other. Recruiters come and search for candidates with solid profiles. On the other hand, applicants reinforce their personal branding and polish their resumes to create a good impression. This article will discuss how to find your next career using the LinkedIn platform. Let’s get started!

LinkedIn Platform: A Gateway to Your Professional Career

Hit Employers With A Catchy Headline

To find your next career using the LinkedIn platform, you must hit employers with a catchy headline. Keep in mind that whenever hiring managers look at an applicant’s profile, they see the front page. A well-versed opening line immediately draws the recruiter’s attention, whereas it should speak about your capabilities. You can add your experience, tell about your job roles, or embed keywords to make it strong.

Many candidates describe their previous title or company name, but it’s ineffective. Instead of this, you need to fill the space with some action-driven phrases or catchy words. It will reflect your expertise, knowledge, and capacities that round off your competencies.

Show Yourself

Your job application is the personal connection that shows the HR manager who is behind the curtain. Without showing potential, applicants cannot represent themselves as deserving candidates. Because it’s a good chance for employers to think of a person is not whom they are talking to. Therefore, you need to include a photo to showcase the best CV profile.

However, there would be different criteria for professional photos in organizations. But mainly, contestants are required to give a cropped headshot of themselves without using filters. Moreover, they need to dress in a formal get-up, which is a standard way to represent proficiency.

Keep It Complete

Your resume is an overview of your general expertise and the necessary skills that set you aside from others. Make sure that it provides complete information so employers can easily approach you. Many individuals forget to include contact, email address, qualifications, and other essential info, which makes your CV look unprofessional.

Keywords Should Be A Part Of It

Since LinkedIn is a social networking forum, it requires some SEO practices when creating a professional account. It asks for keywords and specific phrases that completely define a person who is looking for employment. Just like Google, SEO practices make you searchable. Similarly, on any job-seeking platform, the right skills will enhance your resume and present you as a viable candidate.

Usually, keywords are used in the summary and experience sections, so they do not occupy the space with previous job roles. Instead, wrap it into specific phrases and spell out your expertise with a bit of creativity. Many people find it tricky; they can hire a LinkedIn profile writer to get it done expertly.

Your Summary Must Impress Employers

Writing an engaging summary is another way to find your next career using the LinkedInplatform. The summary section is the most crucial part of your employee account. It provides an opportunity for recruiters to feel enthralled in a few words. What you need to do is think of yourself as an executive and start branding yourself. You can add a brief of your experience or introduce yourself as a personnel with great potential.

Generally, a summary is written in the third person, so your entire focus should be on your achievements and goals. Many people make a mistake and describe their previous titles or experiences that are good but not enough to describe them. Remember that recruiters do not want to see how great you are, but want to be shown your abilities. Your deliverable and exceptional skills will shine in this section and compel every employer to read your expertise thoroughly.

Demonstrate Your Capability

Many personnel in the mid of their careers decide to reinvent themselves or try to switch their fields. For those, showing off their potential is a bit difficult because employers do not look at such types of resumes. In this case, the only way to reflect your potential is to show where you are now. You need to create your resume around your current goals. You can search for resumes or portfolios relatable to your field and start creating yours accordingly. It will surely pay off your LinkedIn job search efforts!

Sync Your Profile

One of the best ways to quickly find a new opportunity is to sync your profile with your resume. When an employer reviews your resume and work account, it should be similar in all ways. However, it can be a bit different on the layout, but the messaging and personal representation should be consistent throughout. Additionally, the skills and expertise must correlate with your curriculum vitae. For example, if you drop a CV in Ireland, your resume must reflect consistency and expertise.

Profile Link Is Your Identifier

A direct profile link or URL is the identifier that differentiates you from a local and advanced user. It represents potential employers that you are an active user or socialize in the corporate world. But many entrants do not realize it’s worth it and still copy-paste their resumes on the employment posts.

It hardly takes a few minutes to update your vanity URL, but it works wonderfully. While updating the URL, make it closer to your first and last name, like “” Moreover, you can use variations to differentiate your account if you have a common name. But don’t try to use numbers, slang, or characters; it will be unprofessional.

Wrapping Up

A good CV must include everything that completely defines your abilities and potential. You cannot reach out to a good opportunity until you haven’t made efforts to approach it. Those mentioned above are clever tricks explaining how to find your next career using the LinkedIn platform. These tactics have been tried and tested by many employment seekers. Give them a try and impress your employers with a great resume.


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