How to Spot Signs of Depression in Individuals: By Mental Health Professionals


Depression might look like an exaggerated version of a sad person. However, this is far from being true. When it comes to understanding depression, paintings and illustrations might have given us a picture, but that would never be enough to understand the emotional turmoil that a person suffering from this goes through.

How to Spot Signs of Depression in Individuals: By Mental Health Professionals

Depression is like a dark heavy cloud that refuses to rain, and it keeps on growing. That’s why it is essential to never suppress the gravity of depression with simple sadness or melancholy.

If you have clicked on this article because you are checking out the symptoms for yourself or trying to gain some knowledge for a close one, you should book a therapy session today. Because this can never be deemed a proper diagnosis, these are simple signs that help you spot one and help them get further help.

Clear Cut Signs That Someone Is Depressed

Here are some of the clear signs which indicate depression. If anyone in your family or friend circle is doing this, they might need your help.

Low Appetite

Food is not simply a means of sustenance; it is something that makes everyone happy. Therefore, if someone is drastically cutting down their food intake to the point of skipping meals, this might be a sign that they are depressed.

Now, the act of lessening one’s food intake can also be a sign of anorexia. However, anorexia itself is a serious disease, and people suffering from anorexia can also have symptoms of depression.

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As the other end of the coin, this is also another clinically proven way to recognize someone with depression. When people start to overeat, they are simply trying to distract themselves from the adversities of their daily mental turmoil.

Therefore, a sudden increase in food intake is also a sign of people coming up with the constant lows of depression. That being said, it is not always a sign of the condition. However, if things are also other signs accompanying this habit, then it might be a cue to worry.


Now, pessimism is a very common denominator in many people. Not everyone will be sunflowers and daisies in the meadow. However, when you see people almost give up things that they had a major interest in, then it could be the beginning of depression.

This can happen when you are going through a period of sadness; however, if it elongates for months, then the problem might not be so tangible. Therefore, although this is not a concrete diagnosis, there is no harm in consulting a psychologist to assure yourself.

Triggered With Everything

Has your friend been triggered and irritated about everything? Do you have a feeling that you cannot talk to them without them getting angry about it?

This is not the time for you to get angered as well. This might be one of the early signs of depression, and they might need your help and support. When people get restless and irritated about absolutely nothing, there might be something deeper bothering them.

They are probably not able to express it because they are unknown about the condition themselves.

Feeling Helpless Or Guilty

If someone has started blaming everything on themselves, then the sign is clear as day. Self regression and hopelessness about even the most mundane things in life is a symptom of depression at its best.

It is only in depression or PTSD leading to depression where people blame their lives and their actions for everything wrong around them.

To Conclude

You need to be aware of these signs because depressed people cannot gather the courage or zeal to talk about them. They need someone to understand their license and put forward a helping hand.

In such an intense state of vulnerability, it is always advisable for people to consult a doctor for their loved ones rather than taking the whole responsibility for themselves.


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